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haenkie: Are you sure what you were experiencing wasn't 'load stutter' as the game loads in unit graphics as they're displayed for the first time? I sometimes get that, but it tends to go away after I've first viewed each graphic.
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Post by haenkie »

you mean for the reserves?

that can be it. for my other problem no. I scrolle dthe map enoght imes already and it stuttered...
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Post by HellBoyz77 »

I'm also experiencing massive lag in European Map. Lowered the graphics setting, lowered the resolutionm shut down the sound but nothing chance.

The lag started after half europe go to war and seems to happen when a considerable amout of city/structure being captured, not related with the autosave.

My configuration:
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Post by Squigbunny »

George Geczy wrote:- In Options/Graphics, select "Show only top units in stacks". This improves performance by reducing the draw of multi-unit stacks.
-- George.
This is a good tip.

I think a lot of care has gone into the artwork and it is quite sad to see it mutated into a bizarre looking unit by different units in a stack. I wasn't sure how to deal with this, but now I know. Thanks! :-)
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Re: Lag

Post by chugga »

I have the lag problem when I have about 1500 units. The game is nearly unplayable as the turns take way so long. As well as that I totally avoid making any alliance as this lags the game as you can you can see you allies unit.
I have asked many times to have a option to turn off watching allies but to no response. So the solution i have is to have no allies.
My pc is brand new and a 3gig processor as well as a good vid card. I hope this lag will be addressed as this is the only problem i have with this great game.
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Re: Lag

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Is this post about SR2010 or SR2020?
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