Galactic Ruler Update Build 1291 available on Fasttrack

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Galactic Ruler Update Build 1291 available on Fasttrack

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With the full release of Galactic Ruler Enlightenment, this has created some fixes and improvements for this version of the game as well. We hope these improve the experience for current users.

Here's the full changelog for v.1291
  • Fixed access to planet popup for planet-only colonies
  • Fixed issue with incorrect data shown in diplomatic negotiations popup
  • Fixes to movement of rotorcraft in low supply areas
  • Fixes to colony AI use of military troops
  • Fixes to accessing list of objectives sometimes not working (tutorials)
  • Fixed camera movement that would sometimes "jump" when zooming in/out
  • Updated behaviour of survey capable units under AI control
  • Popup UI added to explain to players about switching focus colony/parent on first time action
  • Added CTRL+S hotkey to switch focus between colony and parent empire when appropriate location selected on the map
  • Various minor tutorial fixes
  • Game Speed fixed to auto start for tutorials
  • Fixed issue with diplo trade getting corrupted
  • Added on map notice "Need Spaceport or Orbital Storage" for certain conditions
  • Fixed crash in Rename Location option
  • People will start to migrate to abandoned towns
  • Immigration and Emigration functions have been refactored. Using only one of those will create some population movement. Both together will have a greater effect. Population can also now migrate from colony to colony.
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