Great War Remastered Update Build 1291 Live on Fasttrack

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Great War Remastered Update Build 1291 Live on Fasttrack

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Our latest update has a variety of feature and content fixes.

Update v.1291 Full Changelog
  • Fixed camera movement that would sometimes "jump" when zooming in/out
  • New visual effects for shot/damage/kill actions in combat
  • Updates to equipment file and tech tree
  • Fixed crash when selecting techs from unit designs
  • Various map fixes and updates
  • UI updates in Region Popup
  • Updates to known techs/known designs for some regions
  • Updates to partisan 3D models
  • Fixes to some 3D models
  • WMData file updates to support progression through eras
  • People will start to migrate to abandoned towns
  • Fixed the application of tech buffs to happen after the sqr of attack/def values
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