Galactic Ruler Enlightenment Release Delay, Still Coming Soon

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Galactic Ruler Enlightenment Release Delay, Still Coming Soon

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We'd like to offer our sincere apologies that we've missed our release date. Our team has been working hard to create and test all the content for the campaigns, but as of this morning we're not satisfied that the experience will be up to our expectations. During development of Galactic Ruler Enlightenment, we've created two campaigns which each include more than 1000 events and triggers. Ensuring all of these chain together properly is time consuming and tricky. We've also encountered a few bugs we want to address before release.

The good news is we've been in testing for more than a week now, the features of the game are in place, the remaining work is all focused on the campaigns. We anticipate this will be a delay of approximately 1-2 weeks. We are very close to having the release version.

Users may also start seeing some reviews from the press. We've sent out press keys and they have access to the game in its current state. For any of the press reading this, we update that build today with our most recent changes and fixes. The campaigns are running smoother and performance when playing campaigns has been notably improved.

Thanks again to the community for your patience and support, we're very close to release and eager to hear community reactions to this new way to play in the Galactic Ruler universe.

-- BattleGoat Team
Chris Latour
BattleGoat Studios
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