[NEED HELP] Millennium Dawn (January 1, 2000) Mod

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[NEED HELP] Millennium Dawn (January 1, 2000) Mod

Post by Evidential »

Disclaimer: This is my first mod for SR 2030.

I need help collecting data for my planned mod for Supreme Ruler 2030. I ask for some kind volunteers to create Excel sheets of region data. You can also link any resource in the comments to aid in the construction of this modding project. If you want my discord, PM me please. Anything helps.

If you want to contribute in a community sheet, here is a link I have created. Version history to the rescue if things go wrong.

https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... p=drivesdk
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Re: [NEED HELP] Millennium Dawn (January 1, 2000) Mod

Post by Balthagor »

While I am not available to help with the actual mod, I may be able to link you to some sources of information. Particularly since the search function on this forum is still down.

A few years ago, one of our coop students created a document on how to use the map editor and scenario editor. I can't be sure they are still current to the state of our tools, I haven't had time to check, but this link might be useful;
https://supremeruler.fandom.com/wiki/Sc ... r_Tutorial

Also, many years ago, I worked with modders providing sort of "walkthroughs" on how to make what they were trying to create. Much of the methods used back then would still work in the new engine. If you check these out, you might find some insights on how to get started;

I hope that some of that is useful.
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