Reaching full employment

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Re: Reaching full employment

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Ghiby wrote: Jan 25 2024 ... why not consider "remastering" and improving SR 2020
The idea has come up. No decision at this time. Great War was the first DLC. It had the smallest total content so was easiest for us to understand the processe of remastering. We have not yet announced what the next DLC will be.

Ghiby wrote: Jan 25 2024 ...and releasing it for a new source of revenue and for the newer generation of players to try it...
It's unclear that there's enough interest in that specific year range to sell the copies required to not lose money on the title. 2030 already gives users modern content in a faster engine with lots of new features. Most users would have a hard time seeing the differences until they played it. SR2030 was offered or $30 US ($40 US if someone didn't own SR Ultimate) and we get a bunch of negative reviews just for the price (in a world of Superpowers 3, where Diablo sells for over $100, and a Paradox title could cost you 5 times that).

Ghiby wrote: Jan 25 2024 it automatically is set as a hotspot again and again...
This sounds like you still have the theater or battlezone priority set to high/aggressive.
Ghiby wrote: Jan 25 2024 my threat level is automatically set to "High" - and I have no control over it
The fact that a region could be surrounded by AIs at war, maybe even at war with them, and set their DEFCON to peace was seen as a significant exploit.
Governments can pretend to ignore such things but the population still reacts to global events. There was much more to the decision (you could probably search this form for past discussions) but that's what I recall as most significant.

I do appreciate your feedback.
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Re: Reaching full employment

Post by Ghiby »

thank you for following up with us/me on this

I'll try to answer briefly, to keep the conversation going, hoping to reach progress in the end, not just talk for the sake of talking

remastering SR 2020
- I didn't mean to do that particular era or time period
- I mean to redo and release the core game that was used back then, meaning we can set up our own DEFCON, the tech tree that was quite good, and more features that I can't remember now
- the only faults of SR 2020, and I can't emphasize enough ONLY faults, in my humble opinion, were the fact we cannot have, or manage colonies, and we cannot rename hexes
- if you release a version of that game, with those faults I've mentioned upgraded to today's standards of SR, I will buy it, and like me, I assume many others would buy it, once again, especially kids that were not old enough to buy it back then when it was initially released

DEFCON settings
- it never crossed my mind to set up my DEFCON to peace, while I was surrounded by AI troops ready to wardec me, or while I was at war, never even considered that, since I aim for realism
- setting DEFCON by the "general environment" and not by our own decisions, is not realistic and not authentic
- this is a key element in prepping for war, or after-war settings, and sorry to be blunt, but you blew it by taking away this decision from the ruler's powers
- even if some players were "exploiting" so what..??.. in a single-player game, they can do whatever they want, that's why they purchase the game, to have their fun, anyway they want
- the same with the cheats, in singleplayer we only cheat the AI who's anyway much smarter than us due to its computing power and speed
- which brings me to cheats, very limited cheats are allowed in SR series, did you check EU4 - Europa Universalis 4 - or CK Crusader Kings series, or other similar grand strategy games?? in singleplayer, we pay for the game, to play it as we want, to have our fun, the way we think fun is fun, not necessarily the way you the devs think it's fun, as our fun may not be the same with your idea of fun

and it's good you listen and pay attention to our feedback, but changing such critical features, like not allowing us to set up DEFCON manually as we want and need, or no currency and financials for GR, those are major decisions, leading to major effects, and ultimately real sales increases, or drop in sales

I'll say it again, there is a brilliant, BRILLIANT mod out there, called SRU_internal, that does a great job, yet, is not made by professionals, as such the saved games are corrupted, this is how your SR game should work, as that mod is working
- sure, I can use the mod (with its limitations) but why use a mod, when you, the devs should deliver us with the options included in that mod?

"Governments can pretend to ignore such things but the population still reacts to global events."

please, with all due respect, don't get me started on this... just look around your own real-life country, at how is the population of Canada reacting to recent censorship and woke movement public advertisement... let's not even go there... to how the population reacts and how much the government cares... or not...

back to the game,
the population can react however they want, the rulers still do what they want until the election comes when the population has a say, at least those that get out to vote and do their civic duty... many don't even care to vote, they watch TV comedy shows with laugh boxes and sports games during elections...

and by the way, why don't you let us - rulers - choose our own government type, however we want..??..
let us on our own volition, switch from dictatorship to democracy, or monarchy, or any other type of government we want... again, get some inspiration from EU4 and CK series and others, and implement what's good and make it even better in your SR game

I used to play Superpower 1 and 2, until your SR game came out and I said at that time, that your game is the best in the genre, and still is the best compared to others...

but, you can make it even better, that's why I'm so openly blunt with you guys, not to critique, not to complain, but to see this game even better than already is...

and finally, again, with all due respect for your work in development and maintenance, any game over $20 (US$) is overpriced, and this bubble will burst, like the real estate bubble, and the stock market crash...

Starfield was a fiasco for Bethesda, compared to their expectations and planned forecasted goals. and now they are lowering their prices and hoping for the best... EA, Blizzard, and many other North American publishers are starting to see the market trends... and lower their prices slowly...

the EU publishers, like Paradox and the big U - Ubisoft- are living in their own bubble that will also burst soon...

only Rockstar and Take-Two can sell a new GTA game for $100 a pop and make billions in the process... any other tiers below that must be realistic...

I know you guys didn't overdo it with the pricing, and I respect that...

yet I maintain my statement, any game that comes in a digital copy, no CD-DVD, no cover art, no storage, handling, and shipping costs, anything over $20 is overpriced in my book and I won't buy it... (I prefer to burn that money on my Escalade getting gas, than buy a digital product that I don't even own per se, for that amount...)

thank you for reading and considering my feedback...
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