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Forum issues

Post by GIJoe597 »

I am posting this separate topic to see if anyone else has issues maintaining a secure connection to this one website. If it is only me then I know the issue is on my end somehow.

I have tried Firefox, Chrome and even Edge. After the initial log in, when I click on anything, like making this post right now, I am Not Secure.

This is the only location on the web I visit where this occurs among sites one must log into. Several other gaming forums, commercial sites such as Amazon/Netflix/HBOMax, etc all function normally and can maintain a secure connection.

With Firefox and Chrome I have tried both with and without an ad blocking extension. In Edge it was default setting, no extensions.

Are all the rest of you able to maintain a Secure connection as you navigate the site?

Older/retired gamers, who do not tolerate foolishness.
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