Early Access Release Date and Steam Autumn Games Festival

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Early Access Release Date and Steam Autumn Games Festival

Post by Balthagor »

Greetings Rulers!

The most common question developers hear is "when is the game coming out?". It's inevitable. And most people understand that the answer often begins with an uncomfortable silence as the developer tries to remember if they even know the answer.

So it's my pleasure today to come with an answer! Well, sort of…

TLDR: Demo for Steam's Game Festival: Autumn Edition in October, Early Access roughly a week later.

At BattleGoat we are big fans of Steam's Early Access program. We find we get a lot of positive feedback from the community with Early Access. Galactic Ruler is getting a good amount of internal testing now as we're cleaning up the UI, improving the visuals and implementing the feature changes, in addition to the game engine work for a space-based game. We judge it's just about time to bring in the community and hear what people have to say. We are, however, going to miss our Q3 target due to an unexpected distraction, The Steam Games Festival.

We've decided to participate in the festival which opens on October 7th. It sounds like a great way for us to attract new users. This does include making a Demo version of the game which sidetracks us slightly. We also want to focus on a few game elements that might stand out more to new users. Throughout the festival we'll be testing the game, using the demo as a form of beta for key parts of the game. If all goes well, we should be able to move into Early Access soon after the festival closes. Our target for Early Access is October 20th.

Like any Early Access title, the first users in will be playing a version of the game where various features are still in development, but we feel confident that the framework will be in place and easy to understand what it is we're building. How long we remain in Early Access and when full release happens is as of yet undecided.

We really appreciate the feedback we've received so far and we look forward to hearing more of your comments once everyone can finally get their hands on it.

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Re: Early Access Release Date and Steam Autumn Games Festival

Post by SGTscuba »

Can't wait go give it a try as I've been waiting for a decent space game since the sins of a solar empire days as I just can't get into stelaris (although I think the fact it's become your typical paradox dlc simulator hasn't helped)
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Re: Early Access Release Date and Steam Autumn Games Festival

Post by Rosalis »

Im lookiing forward what you guys done with the freedom of a new game :)

Open up a new topic or several once its launched tho. It can get real messy. Try to focus the feedback in the areas that you like to recieve. That way it can become more in dept and usefull.
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Re: Early Access Release Date and Steam Autumn Games Festival

Post by Draken »

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