The myth

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Re: The myth

Post by Rosalis »

So where were we. Nov 17 2026 DOW with Nigeria.

I send BG4 to Sao Tome. An island south of Nigeria. So they wont take space from airforce of BG6. Just help the initial push while keeping an eye Nigerian navy dont destroy them. Then send them back to the security of Panama region.

1 TU-22M3 Backfire and 4 Hong-8 H-8 silver experience join BG6. They are given minister control and accept changes, note the later is also needed for the ai to use them. Also low loss tollerance. Just help BG6 pls, if you can do that. I got way too many good subs sitting in reserve with no experience. 7X SSN-773 Cheyenne also join BG6 under the same rules. I need BG6 to do better if i want them to take out South Africa.
Also given the minister the ability to put garrisons so the cities taken over can atleast hold themselves, hopefully.

While BG4 destroying hundreds of units and killing millions of population, the strat bombers in BG6 are idling, so i put high initiative. Doesnt help, plenty of targets out there.. Medium loss tolerance then? Nop a day has passed, still nothing. High loss tollerance then?? Nop, just eating away money under ai control.

When 6/7 B2A got ruby experience and on the whole front we need supply from 4 hexes away to catch up, i send them back to Panama area.

Atleast Chili ai made a good decision. They took over Bolivia within days. Pretty sure they can also take out Argentina being at war with Brazil for years.

Send my navy to Panama..

Dec 2 2026
DOW Colombia

Soon Medellin area gets swarmed by green berrets. They quickly take the area. All infantry vehicles are send towards the area and secure the airfield from possible attacks. Rest of units will be reserved in Panama. Unless you got actual resistance, they will be useless in most of South America, because of jungle. Cloose combat rly most undervalued stat in SRU. Colombia is at war with Brazil for atleast 4 years, so i know most their units are either killed or sitting out of supply. Ofcourse ai no building makes it very easy to predict.

If you face opposition, you better build more airbases, cause jungles can be very nasty. I dont know the numbers. How much defence, or whatever. All i know is cloose combat, with high combat time if possible, owns all defensive terrain.

In game settings i select "units eleminated on fall". Dont feel like getting hundreds of units out of the Amazone. Just would scrap them anyway.
BG4 get order bomb hex of the capital, atleast did something.

Dec 8 2028
Colombia surrender
Atleast clean borders.

All troops get send to the border with Venezuela. Navy and some air can operate from the Dutch Antilles area.

Dec 9 2026
Louisiana liberated
Guatemala liberated
Honduras liberated
El Salvador liberated
Nicaragua liberated
Costa Rica liberated

31 patrol boats from these regions which were in reserve i guess the whole game, also scrapped.

I couldnt leave Mexico with so few air places, so need to wait 14 days before airbase in the capital is finished. The one in MONTERREY is finished.
Texas 72 oil gas fields will prolly get finished the beginning of next year. Zero influence on our treasury btw, while building those. Newbie player proof.

Stole B-1B Lancer from California. Still need to wait on 3 techs for the B2A. I just stole to have it tho. 1 air production producing A-10A Thunderbolt II for a while now.

I dont know how Cuba got 2 Chayenne subs. I dont remember giving them. They can have 4 more tho. They can act as Naval control if they want so desperate. I should be able to take them back anytime i want.

As soon my navy arrive, infantry at PUNTO FIJO next to Dutch Antilles retreat. Not even at war yet. Apparently they are given an land fabrication in one of the latest patches, for years of SRU development they had no land production. With 189 billion they could build a few more you would think. They just know tho. No designs, nothing they could ever have done all these years against UN.
A miracle has happened. 'Only' 4 land units sit on the island PORLAMAR. Atleast thats what a sub from Cuba spot.
Lets reset the game option, units eleminated after surrender, and see how many are so smart to flee to the island.

Sorted by GDP/C we find Wyoming with 83 billion debt and 143k gdp/c.. You tell me what you think of that. I dont even know what to say.
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Re: The myth

Post by Rosalis »

After declaring war on Northern China, i praised them. They didnt push into their territory for about a year now tho. Seems they figured out there is absolutely nothing to get for them. 35% unemployment is the last thing they need.
However dec 12 2026 they also declare war on India. I guess India doesnt look as bad with 13% unemployment. Dont know how they think they will get there tho.
edit: rambling about Manchuria.

Dec 12 2026
Nigeria surrender.
BG6 got 230 units. Basicly 98% survived this time. More importantly, gained experience.

Cameroon continue sending illegally merchant marines into naval borders of UN. This cannot goes unpunished. J/K they were next on the list anyway for BG6 as soon supply catches up.
Maybe an alliance with Nigeria would be more helpfull huh? They had the land connection...
Ofcourse i will have a hard time scrapping Nigerian units with initiative of BG6. Dont think much was left tho. I guess eventually i will notice them since they are locked from minister control.

Dec 19 2026
Mauritania is liberated again, atleast the part Western Sahara was not gifted. IDC about that. No production left.

I could ofcourse go ahead and entrench the border with Cameroon.
Congo Dem Rep is quickly advancing into Cameroon, we need war now if we want a piece of the pie. Doesnt mather tho, guess who's next on the list.

Dec 20 2026
DOW Cameroon
Ill leave BG6 do their own thing. They could use reinforcements, like got about 20 F16C sitting in reserve, but too much units and you barely gain xp. Regions here are lucky if they got light infantry design or researched to the IOF-2 design. I guess i will do another reorganisation later. South Africa got 1 war left, Niger. A bit out of reach. That means they will get the time to get strong.
I make 2 orders tho. 1 all land units move to IKOM (Cameroon border) and all sea units move to PORT HARCOURT. AI will regroup from there. I also garrisoned the border few days before. AI too slow with assigning garrisons.
Just some infantry vehicles on the border, with the rest of the land branches sitting behind. Nothing special i would say.

Dec 20 2026
DOW Venezuela

Most important action will actually take place arround Dutch Antilles. Venezuela navy challenge my navy. Atleast the second it lasted. Venezuelan navy and airforce is out of action. BG5 (7 F16C) destroy some ships and help Cuban subs.
2 stacks of ships deny access towards PUERTO CABELLO.
BG4 deny all land aa in 1 bombing run. As far they would be usefull. BG1+3 have no problem immediately taking air superiority.
There is basicly no defence from Venezuela on the border. First they retreat forces after i deploy them on the border, now they send about 30-40 units forward. Its a long way tho.. I take bordering cities and BG2 (7X F16C) is send to intercept units.
I see 1 IOF-2, Diamond experience, on the border. I forgot to lock a bunch of diamond IOF-2 in trophy city of PORT-AU-PRINCE. I reserve all diamond units there. They keep being a pain in showing up at random places. I must have lost some as merchant marine, altho Cuba navy is helping out alot.

After all we done to the world, CARCAS, the capital, got 2 garrisons.

Dec 24 2026
Venezuela surrender.
Besides a few marines and 1 elite force all get scrapped. Should've just scrapped all, but i cant get it over my hart. Special forces are too usefull.

Both Venezuela and Colombia were building 2 research centers. Not that they had the time to respond, altho Colombia was at war with Brazil. So that is also no excuse.
PORLAMAR didnt refuge more units, not that they had the time. I was right about the navy, besides a pc patrol boat and a sub very far away, all ships got destroyed.

Also need to liberate Sierra Leone. You can see how Mali got splitted up to a bunch of regions. Since all already liberated by UN none got production, so im fine with that. Nigeria took over quite alot. I should make them powerfull, but i guess just testing over here. They had their chance. Just wasted 200 billion by doing it.
Since i need to wait a few days for supply to spread against border of Brazil, and more importantly i want an Airbase on the border with Brasil. BG4 is send towards Africa. Just help speed up the process, plus the explosions are pretty funny, i must say.
GDP/C dropping all the way to 16K i guess gaining 120 billion fixed the downfall after liberating the states. But rly feel like BG6 fixed some things in economy. Nuclear power plants also helped i think. Maybe this is the start of trillions.

Dec 24 2026
Sierra Leone liberated

2 things i always forget to fix in my own mods. Road from PORT HARCOURT military complex to the city in Nigeria and what i guess a bridge next to CIUDAD GUAYANA. Just help supply spread out a bit and improve access in 2 important areas for the region. Brasil got another one where only units with disembark can cross a certain area. I guess its realistic or whatever. Not interested in that. And for my own mods i sometimes look up things like this. Then you find out there is actually an airbase or a bridge or whatever. As long US is fine, thats most important i guess.

Building airbase and supply depot in UPATA. Barracks also wouldnt hurt. You need to cross a very long road somehow right? Special forces under player control will do, but yeah.

Scrapping a bunch of research centers. Like said many times you dont need more then 20 research centers. Especially since i dont have any usefull designs to research.
2 of them are in Mexican territory, i guess we can wait a while. Dont want to create issues if i dont have to. Like idling untill the end of time.

In BG6 we have 4 C17A. They did a brilliant job. Front is getting so big they face more and more issues supplying the front. Especially now BG4 arrived.

Besides the 7 galaxy transport i got deployed to transfer my green berrets. i got 2 C-17A and 2 747-400ER Boeing in reserve. Scrapped loads which couldnt hold enough special forces to my liking. Hmm i will send them together with other planes from reserves. Need more air for BG6 since it seems soon we will face a strong South Africa. Treasury starts falling despite gdp/c growing. Maybe that just means we need more expences...
1 fully equiped galaxy transport is send to Africa. Again just speed up the process. Also a bunch of IOF-2 and random infantry with experience in reserves are send to Africa and join BG6 command structure.
After deploying these units i seem to have found the sweet spot. Teasury starts increasing. SRU economics for you. To be honest we have alot going on. 72 oil gas fields are finished in Texas.

Jan 1 2027
Texas colonised.
Well, i guess we secured our own oil. A great day.. you would think. Now we gonna have deflation problems soon :)
It seems to be the right choice, immediately we make 1.3 billion profit a day, altho gdp/c drops.

Jan 2 2027
Cameroon surrender

Sending M2A4 Bradleys to the Equadorian border. Gonna take a while till airbase is done.

16 combat engineers, 7 bradley recon, 10 M1A2 Abrams and 15 M198 155mm are setup correctly, send to, and join BG6.

Some planes are also transported by sea to Africa and can be setup once they arrive.

Theatre central america is repaired. The research centers in Mexico are only half scrapped, takes ages to fire some scientist. I guess we can repair the damage done.

BG4 is send back to South America.. Dont want to be surprised by my next target. Prolly will speed up things.

Our treasury is breaching 200 billion. Basicly making 2 billion a day now. Texas and rest of colonies are providing us with 6.4m oil a day making us the biggest importer in the world. Rly its still this magic black hole that imports most oil, but oh well. Just like rest of resources we get from colonies, nothing gets directly exported for now. No need. Infact the forces we deployed for BG6 actually seem to have filled the gap in expences.

All 3 cities on border with Equador get entrenched by 7 M2A4. Again very heavy micro management. Pooh pooh...

Jan 11 2027
DOW Equador

BG4 bomb TULCAN and we take over the city before reinforcements can arrive. Hundreds of units from Equador is send towards the front like like lemmings. Way more units then Venezuela. Their planes gets insta deleted as long BG1 is in the air.
Equador keeps more then 7 VH-118 APC heavy infantry on the capital. With the Bradleys next door, our green berrets are out of missions for a while now.

Jan 18 2027 Manchuria declare war on Southern China. By using the filter we can quickly see they didnt build 1 production building with 21% unemployment. Curious if they advance into this territory or just like to declare war and watch like with Northern China.

M2A4 Bradleys advance on the capital of Equador while BG4 bomb the city. Units get insta deleted or pushed back from the capital. 1 stack is ordered into the capital. The biggest battle of the war start with hundreds of units reserved in the barrack. BG2+5 is pretty far for F16C but they are send to intercept the retreating forces trying to repair south.

Jan 20 2027
Equador surrender. 25 land units 1 transport heli and 13 ships get scrapped. In reserve we find 1 more transport plane with full health and 4 other planes repairing. All are scrapped.

I guess the M2A4 can deploy on border with Peru. BG4 is send back to Africa. For sure was helpfull to have them here again for a bit. Plenty of targets in Africa tho, they are send back again.

Jan 20 2027
DOW Congo Dem Rep

Nothing happening. Ok i guess with reinforcements on the way..

Jan 23 2027
DOW Central Africa

BG6 wants a piece of that pie. Advancing a cpl of units. Soon the rimple effect happen. More and more are send into Central Africa as soon contact with enemy units is made. A T-94 tank is almost encircled in the jungle but BG4 destroy all. I guess BG4 also helping destroying research centers by bombing the cities. They are really speeding up the process. BG4 is send to the capital to empy bombs and all units seem destroyed. The equiped galaxy transport is send to the capital. Like 8 or 9 garrisons but no match for the experienced green berrets that get air dropped. There were more units reserved next to the city, but soon they go back to reserve.

Jan 28 2027
Central Africa ELIMINATED, indeed. I didnt like BG6 sending alot of land units into the jungle with no infrastructure, so no experience.
We capture hex next to the capital to make a bridge and connect the highway. Another bottleneck for ai units. If it wasnt easy enough to destroy bridges and control river lines. Player can fix it after all. Why the highway between Panama and Colombia tho.. idk maybe US ai had problems advancing into South America.

Jan 28 2027
DOW Chad

Chad got hundreds of light infantry. Got cocky.. like said very bad in war. BG6 Loosing lots of units. BG4 quickly restore order tho. Strat bombers of BG6 still sitting at the same airport they arrived. Not 1 single mission seen from them. I guess it doesnt fit in the liberal world of SRU to use strat bombers.
More air arrive, given the right AI control and join BG6. I guess the naval transporting them can join BG6.

Feb 3 2027
Chad ELIMINATED. Indeed. We lost a dozen of units. Again needed even more infantry. Our first B2a in BG4 gained diamond experience tho.

I guess how this works is select a bunch of land units and send them to a city of Congo Dem Rep before anything with them happens. So guess ill have to do that. The real issue is lying behind that. No supply. I guess i can help with my equiped Galaxy transport.

I lock minister from control of garrisons for a bit. Running into manpower problems with 59707 reserves left, conquering land too fast. All garrisons in Mexico are removed.

The airbase in UPATA, on the Brasilian border is finished. Some space for our airforce not even that big. BG4 is send back to South America again. Again they did their job. Imagine playing as US player with 140 B2A. Like whats the challenge? The explosions are fun, but with ai building more land fabs it would only be more fun. Realistic, thats another question. I dont believe you should be able to maintain 140 B2A unless you subjected 80% of the world. US economy is so strong in SRU it doesnt need to take over anyone to accomplish that.

23 LAV-IV get deployed on the Brasilian border. The bradleys are entrenching on the border with Peru. I taken over Brasil so many times. Problem for them too is they dont have enough infrastructure to push effectively against a player. 15 AA entrench 1 hex behind the infantry. Again because of jungle, tanks wont be very usefull.
Not sure what to expect from Brasilian air force BG1 and BG3 will make sure airfields in Guyana can be captured by green berrets.

Feb 5 2027
Mexico liberated. They took a bunch of territory loyal to them from California. Thats the only reason you will see production facilities in the west. Mexico liberated correctly tho. Im fine conquering them again later, not that hard. We went back to 100k reserves before liberation. Mexico stole 24k. So i guess i gained 26k reserves i guess.

We are down to 14/23 research centers. Still got too many. While only 3-4 techs actually mather for my progress.

Feb 6 2027
DOW Brazil/Brasil whatever. Diplomaticly we get along perfectly. Even after the DOW. They have production buildings to scrap tho.

All airfields in Guyana area are empty. Remember Australia. Both airfields get airdropped by 7 green berrets. They quickly take the cities.
Navy get send towards GEORGETOWN. Possibly intercept some merchant marines...
Seems like BG4 got no job here. Sending them to Peru. Ofcourse the LAV-4 can take BOA VISTA city and get an airfield. I guess BG4 can bomb that first. Immediately we deny access towards Guyana area.
BG 4 + 1 get send towards Peru..

The 7 subs in Panama area doesnt got anything to do. They also send towards Peru. 5 subs from reserve take their place.

Time to fix the main problem for BG6. 25 units with no supply of Congo Dem Rep pull lots of land forces towards them next to Sudan. No supply for about 30 hexes, but oh well. The idling strat bombers in BG6 are send towards them. Our Galaxy transport drop 7 green berrets in LIBREVILLE. With an airbase next to it, we will get supply where it mathers. The strat bombers quickly even the numbers next to Sudan.

97% CB against Peru. Yeah they are evil.

Feb 9 2027
DOW Peru

They had an idealistic view of building lots of recon. Really what can they do with their designs.. BG4 and 1 got no problem destroying any units pushing. Ofcourse as soon they get in contact with Bradleys they retreat.
Its a long way to the capital tho. Green berrets get air dropped at the cities with an airfield. M2A4 capture the rest with help of BG4. BG2 destory units advancing on the flanks.

In Africa the green berrets get air dropped in MASUKU. Just 1 city clooser to the capital. Meanwhile BG6 send 51 land units 40 something hexes away from supply... They get send to BANGUI and 31 land forces from there are send to the city that gets air dropped.

In South America 7 green berrets get air dropped 784 km away into CALLAO next to Peru capital. The galaxy transport gets damaged but all green berrets land without problems. Quickly they control the area and 6 are send towards the capital.

Feb 16 2027 Peru surrender. More recent videos are just as brilliant.
Why Ukraine is the West's fault. Very interesting. Brilliant man. I want to make clear Putin is just destroying their CW units while destroying Ukraine. Dont care about his own people. Let alone Ukrainian people. Lets just be glad he isnt using strat bombers so far. Dont underestimate Putin. Very dangerous. Russia is getting independent economicly. Plenty of other countries willing to buy their resources. Maybe for a bit less, but Putin saw no other way to defend his country. Not saying its good, but thats the way world always worked. There were times in the 19th century with 50 years of peace in the world. Eventually it will be war tho. Ofcourse Ukraine is defending briliantly. Like this man explains Nationalism is very powerfull. Russia is gaining experience tho. Do not underestimate ever. Thats how empires fall. Especially now if you dont want to face them in battle. What i find striking SR2020 actually represent alot of his ideas. All seem dissapeared in game.

Back to this game the whole world should declare war on UN long ago. But yeah we all know thats not going to happen. Infact im still able to buy all the resources i 'need'. The 7 B2A can control anything i throw at them, never heard of friendly fire. Seems ai knows.
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Re: The myth

Post by Rosalis »

Peru had a real fetish for recon units. But yeah seeing their infantry just makes you puke. They managed to reseach IOF-2 but other infantry not worth mentioning. M2A4 Bradleys are send to the border with Chili.

Back to Brasil. Infantry managed to capture hex 498:405. Why worth mentioning? Brasil likes to come from the back all the way thru the amazone, cut of supply and destroy all advancing forces that passes that hex. I need to wait for supply and build a trench and entrench 1 infantry. Altho i can fix anything with my US airforce.
7 green berrets get air dropped into MANOUS. Still nothing from Brasilian airforce. I know they are there tho, just like Australia defending capital/big supply area where more airfield are clooser together. The special forces get resupplied 2 times from the Galaxy transport and BG4 prevent losses by units from Brasil attacking. Again no friendly fire but almost destroy the bridge next to the city, luckily Brasil is repairing the bridge. 14 LAV-IV get send to help the city out and clean the road.

Back to Africa. BG6 hugged my capture of MASUKU and sended alot of land forces. Like said the bottleneck was not the city, but the city behind it with an airfield/supply. Anyway 7 green berrets are ready again for the next one. This time BRAZZAVILLE. Next to it is mc with an airbase. Only 2 hexes away from capital of Congo Dem Rep. Being a non loyal city the special forces have no problem taking the city. KINSHASA got 8.449.313 people. Lets see how much we can reduce pollution. BG6 decides to deploy merchant marines and capture the city or something idk. As soon they unload they turn into merchant marine again. BG4 damage them 1 bar, but whatever.
Congo has enough after the city shrinked to 4.321.751 people.

Feb 24 2027
Congo Dem Rep surrender. They were building 4 research centers.

BG4 did their job again and prevented more losses, ai was eager to cross the river with BG6.
I guess there is work to do in South America, so sending them back again. 4/7 got diamond experience.

Back to Brasil, we got 2 ways to go. Doesnt mather which one, east or south. South i will face problems as soon i airdrop PORTO VELHO and prolly gonna loose 1 or 2 units. East is the safer route with more supply. Just takes a bit longer, but yeah you can speed that up with enough special forces. Plus along the coast is always better since i got very good navy. Brasil also conquered Guiana, so that will only make it easier to airdrop. Infact i didnt had to go all the way thru the middle. Oh well.

BG4 is stopped in their tracks and send back to Africa. Need to clean up Equat Guinea

Feb 25 2027
DOW Equat Guinea
2 bombing runs was enough to clear the area for special forces.
BG4 send to South America.

Feb 28 2027
Equat Guinea surrender

Back to Brasil. BG3 send towards BELEM and destroy 2 planes sitting on the airfield. 7 green berrets soon get air dropped. Brasil airforce respond, but BG3 is refueled and send to regain control so Galaxy transport can resupply the special forces. Need more infantry vehicles. 14 M2A4 are deployed from reserves and send to the city. Also deployed tanks, artillery and aa are send. Navy is also send besides a few ships...
1 F22A from BG3 got destroyed by 1 bomber with BG3 sitting in the airfield. Never leave your planes on a city you just captured. My bad. Too bad interceptors of the ai doesnt understand they are more usefull in the air. Anyway i got 2 more in reserve, its brough back to 7 F22A in days.

Mar 3 2027
DOW Suriname
All 10 units or something get destroyed.

Mar 5 2027
Suriname surrender

BG4 is send to the border with Chili.

Brasilian airforce manage to sink 1 big transport with missiles. AA of navy quickly deter them from further operations.

Texas: i stole advanced cruise missiles tech
also stole F111G aardvark design which im gonna produce and bunch of missile designs
also stole thousands of missiles
No good land designs for UN. Guess we need more tech.

BG3 destroy about 10 planes and send more for repairs above SAO LUIS

Back to Africa, i catch all land forces deployed. All ready for initiative adjustments. 222 land units are locked from minister control and send towards the South African border. 91 planes are reserved in BRAZZAVILLE. 26 ships are send to POINTE NOIRE. Game initiative is set to none. BG6 is defending way too large area to my liking. Time for liberation round.

Back to Chili..

Mar 6 2027
DOW Chili
Again even after DOW diplomatic relations of Chili towards UN couldnt be better.

Back to Brasil, they attack with 6 ships. All get destroyed by BG3. 1 sub manage to shoot 1 time. Some planes also get destroyed. Pretty sure we have air control for the most part for now.

Back to Chili, they send about 200 land forces in no time as soon Bradleys attack Arica. Bradleys retreat to the safety of 100% defence bonus/city and let them attack that, with another stack of Bradleys damaging them next to it. Atleast thats the plan, they dont advance and denied further access to the war by BG4. Supply of BG4 taking too long. 1 equiped galaxy transport join the airfield speeding up the process.

Back to Brasil we lost 2 Palladin artillery and 1 M2A3 Abrams. 7 hex rule.. killed by garrisons of a city. BG5 help out killing the garrisons. The tanks would never have done it. Time infantry vehicles finally arive.

Back to Chili they almost destroyed my B2A.... Almost reached the airfield. BG4 and 2 destroy hundreds of units. Time for the Bradleys to surround ARICA and kill all units repairing there. Mission is succesfull and hundreds of more units get killed. 7 green berrets get air dropped in LA PAZ giving us potential airbase on front line. Some planes repairing there got shot down by BG1. Ofcourse the city is quickly taken.

7 heavy supply trucks get deployed to the border with Chili. BG4 could be resupplied faster. 7 Nike AA and 7 MIM-23 Hawk get deployed to africa, maybe they can be usefull there. BG6 doesnt have AA yet, besides the airforce.

The easiest thing in Africa would take over Rwanda or Burundi, liberate Congo Dem Rep plus the rest and set BG6 loose on South Africa with help of BG4. But i dont mind entrenching a few cities on the border with the forces that were entrenched in Benin for years. Its a big front line for BG6 to handle but SA only got 2 good supply areas to push. Im looking to liberate all except Angola and Congo Dem Rep. Then we can start the war with South Africa. Meanwhile AA will arrive for BG6. Like said South Africa will be pretty strong. I think they got the most land fabs we ever faced of a region and had a long time to get strong. 3rd largest military production in the world with 13/3/1/0 you can see the 3 air fab and naval fab are starting fabs. The land fabs are just conquered.
17 research centers, five building, 1 idle. Their units can rly prove a challenge. With help of BG4 we will see, but yeah time to prepare so we dont even need BG4. I wont build tons of airbases on the border tho. Lets be realistic and give them a descent fight. Will prolly control BG6 myself for the first few days. Maybe set the 66 IOF-2 loose. We will see. So far not much losses of BG6 under ai control, altho i intervened on key moments with BG4. Also didnt gain alot of xp. Congo Dem Rep was basicly out of units. I think 98% of the army was sitting out of supply in the middle of nowhere. Prolly why they pulled my forces to them.

We build airbase+barracks+supply depot+air defence in KAMBOVE, south on the border. Just a backup and atleast give the airforce somewhere to operate. 10 engineers are ready to help.

Back to Chili BG4 destroy artillery advancing and clear the road. Bradleys are send forward and resupplied from the galaxy plane. Its pretty much over. With our encircling we killed basicly all land units. Not the most efficient way to get experience, but oh well. Who got US troops with experience UN has.

7 Green berrets get air dropped in ANTOFAGASTA in the hope of denying troops to be annoying in Bolivia area.

Like this one coming out of nowhere:
space teleportation.jpg
Can be very annoying if you got a stack of planes sitting at the airfield. It would be lame, but i guess its difficulty level.. happened too much by now. I hope its just ai using transport ships, but i played enough to know better.

Talking about planes. Back at Brasil, i waited to long with this. Airbase is build in BELEM and 7 heavy supply trucks and combat engineers are deployed for the area.

I build 4 more air production in Sicily. With F11G aardvark design we can start producing really usefull units. 5 A-10A Thunderbold II are reserved at the main hub, produced in Sicily. Noticed their range isnt the best so prolly wont ever use them.

Back at Brasil 12 hard artillery start target practising on the city of BRAGANCA. 2 M109A2 155mm got destroyed, but like it was ment to be we got excactly 2 more in reserve. They are send in the hope to gain some xp. (they were firing for a long time didnt get xp. Not enough population to kill i guess.)

Ok enough playing arround. After capturing 4 airfields and 1 airbase behind my front line i send BG1 on a mission more then 1000km away. They destroy 6-7 planes and return for refueling. All planes left seem to be 20 crappy bombers.
BG1 and equiped galaxy transport makes the trip again. 7 green berrets get air dropped in VINA DEL MAR while BG1 take out half the bombers.

Meanwhile SAO LUIS, Brasil is also captured by special forces. Just give BG5 better responce time to the front. I dont rly like it tho. No sea supply, rdy to be sniped by ships. I get the green berrets out of the city. From BELEM to the cloosest airfield to the capital or airbase at the capital is more then 1000km away. Allright getting special forces ready for another big mission. Dont feel like taking all the cities. Altho that also wouldnt be an effort with hundreds of green berrets ready in reserve.

We lost 1 green berret at VINA DEL MAR, but capture the city and destroy garrisons in bordering cities. BG1 destroyed all bombers refueling a cpl of times 1000km away. BG2 and 1 equiped galaxy transport join the green berrets at VINA DEL MAR.
7 green berrets get air dropped next to the capital. 5 more follow in another city.

Apr 8 2027
Chili surrender
38 ships and 21 planes get scrapped. 1 ranger was left behind to defend the cluster of cities arround the capital and just watched outside the cities. All other land forces seem gone.

I wont deny Argentina is the perfect buffer state but Brazil ground army isnt much to speak off.
The 29 Bradleys get send COBIJA, city with an airbase. Challenge Brazil from the west. Rly doesnt mather which side, after a while there is a gap of about 1000km to the next airfield, so i guess we can come from all sides.
I find 28 supply trucks, 1 recon, 2 arty and 4 transport planes in the south of Chili.. ofcourse. Well eventually they will be scrapped.

BG3 go check out ANAPOLIS. A city with no bordering cities and an airfield. Cloose to the capital of Brasil. Airforce actually looks down. Seems special forces can finish the job soon.
7 green berrets get air dropped in ANAPOLIS
7 green berrets get air dropped in DESCOBERTO

Apr 11 2027 North Korea ELIMINATED by South Korea. Seems we have to bring peace to the region again.

Apr 14 2027
Brazil surrender.
We lost 2 green berrets during the operation. Not much else to say. There were some helis, and 1 infantry, also some bombers getting shot down. Dont like these 1000km operations, but i also dont like capturing every freaking city filled with garrisons. Dont know where the land units were tho. Some are ofcourse sitting in the amazones. Maybe Argentina got a bunch. Always have this with Brazil tho. Huge country but they seem to prefer units with long building times.

Bradleys are send to Chili again. This time they will get action. I dont care about the border on the east with Argentina. If garrisons die they die. There wont be production buildings. Plus im confident i can take Argentina out in no time.

Ok lets talk about plans for SA now wars are finished. Such a peacefull region UN.
Well and that was it. More in detail, entrench light infantry (atleast ruby experienced, 2 diamond) in the middle where SA doesnt have supply to attack. On the west defend with tow artillery, aa and few entrenched infantry. We will also make a fake attack and retreat, just try to pull as much units from SA as possible. BG6 units except light infantry gonna advance to the capital while entrenching key locations. When im confident BG6 can push under ai control, they can.

Apr 15 2027
Benin liberated

Oops somehow i scrapped the stuff in mc of KINSHASA. Prolly ctrl+z the damaged research center. Building airbase and barracks in the city.

Apr 16 2027
Nigeria liberated.
Chad liberated

Economy of Equatorial Guinea
GDP per capita $8,927 (nominal, 2019 est.) $21,300 (PPP, 2019 est.)
In SRU: +50k gdp/c. Lets see how they do with half their capital and infrastructure damaged.

Equat Guinea liberated

Our important navy is basicly out of a job, dont think we will have to challenge Argentina navy from Chili. I guess they can chill at the Canaries. Pretty central. 5 subs however sit between border with Uruguay. Its been a while since they saw action. It also took a while for the Bradleys to arrive, so rest of ground forces in South America collect in Venezuela. I guess our job is done here. Argentina and Uruguay left, but pretty sure we can manage. Undecided if they go to Asia or help clean up Africa and push for the Middle East. I think the later one is more fun. See if those middle east regions still do fine without oil. Algeria isnt looking that fine with gdp/c of 4500.

As expected Milan only got 1 war.. England. Diplomaticly we get along perfect. I want them to take over the rest tho. Im the UN not Milan :P They secured peace in europe, atleast in practical terms. BelgiumLux is at war with Finland, Ukraine and Volgorad. Greece with Norway and Western Urals. Thats also going nowhere. Dangit. Well patience i guess. Worldwide progress is grinding to an halt.

Àpr 23 2027
Cameroon liberated
Apr 23 2027
DOW Argentina
BG1 is send to the capital. No air just a few infantry in the cities. We drop green berrets at edge of the cluster from the capital. I also rush the bradleys to a city, since i promised them action. Everytime 7 green berrets land i send another 7 to another city. Keep them supplied.

Apr 27 2027
Argentina surrender. I didnt expect this little resistance. Their garrisons managed to kill 1 green berret. The Bradleys capture a city, phew. Order to scrap about 30 land units still sitting in the cities.
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Re: The myth

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Also linked to Argentina air 'production' few hexes south:
But hey we edited 2020 scenarios. Yeah those 2-3 new players complaining about their country never to be seen again.
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Re: The myth

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Rosalis wrote:
Apr 05 2022
But hey we edited 2020 scenarios. Yeah those 2-3 new players complaining about their country never to be seen again.
Yeah, I'm so embarrassed that we've made such a terrible game that you have to suffer through playing hours and hours for weeks and week at a time.

Earlier this week I had to dump a toxic user from our discord, I think it's time I did the same on these forums. I've lost patience with all the passive aggressive half insults.
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