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some minor issues left

Posted: Jul 15 2020
by evildari
Some minor issues left using a workshop compatible structure
(just in case you want to have a fully usable workshop)
modding in the old ways usually negates those:
1. Custom TBITS.png in Graphics subfolder does work in game but does not work in Mapeditor(ME)
2. Custom .terx file as loaded in scenario file works in ME, but not in game if there is still a default.terx present in the original folder
3. ME always saves in map subfolder even if path in scenario
4. loading a saved game does not display custom units meshes - works only right after starting a new game

Re: some minor issues left

Posted: Jul 16 2020
by George Geczy
Thanks for the detailed report, we've made note to look into those items.

-- George.

Re: some minor issues left

Posted: Jul 16 2020
by Micheal Berg
Planet of the Apes....LOL

Re: some minor issues left

Posted: Jul 18 2020
by evildari
thank you for consideration - another few points:
5. custom variables.ini (for resource names) works after new game - on load it does not
6. custom localtext-game.csv (for removing &&UNITSTEXT names) also dont get loaded even at new game (put it right together with LocalText-START.csv right behind the cvp entries to get continent and regions names visible)
7. RTreaties.CSV neither alone nor with AllSourceLoad.ini did not get loaded with a savegame, (i guess) cause the Treaty section in diplomacy was complete empty.
Spotting.CSV seem to worked sindce i could see at least the right spotting range in the units info.

as with the points before, if i do it the old-way(tm): no issues

Re: some minor issues left

Posted: Aug 19 2020
by evildari
Just to get sure i did a complete delete and reinstall (9.2.5) of the game , copied the game into 2 separate folders and migrate 2 of my mods to test.
Looks like the issues no. 4,6, and 7 are gone for good (still no idea why it happened)
For no.5 i found a workaround: start a new (same sandbox/scenario) , then load your savegame - looks like the modded variables.ini wont get unloaded (so thats actually 2 issues;) and thus displays the wanted terms. But then iam not sure what could be also not unloaded and affect the loaded savegame...

Unfortunately i got a new issue which is almost as worst:
8. In the unit.file i had several units with "defres" to 1 and in previous versions those unitdesigns were ready to built at the start of the game - now i have to research the design first.
Can you please check if this setting is still obeyed by the game executable?

(this one is not critical and maybe related to no.2)
9. Terraindescription and the small icon in the land department at the bottom are not using modded values, although graphics, meshes and tbits are working, and terrain names also read right in the Mapeditor. (also changed both the .terx file and one of the localtext files with the terraindescriptions)

Maybe iam using wrong folder structure:
"\Supreme Ruler Ultimate\Sandbox\DT2020\" is the root folder of my dtmod iam updating - similar looking to your sandboxes.
please advise me if i have to change structure.

Re: some minor issues left

Posted: Aug 26 2020
by evildari
solved no.8 :
yearavailable has to be lower than 85 - even if startdate is later than the modded entry |O