Update/changes I'd like to see in SR

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Update/changes I'd like to see in SR

Post by Sattarlimpi47 »

Hey Battle goat studios,

SR is an amazing game. Here are more features in the game that I think if added will make gameplay more exiting and interactive:-

1.) Rouge entities/ rebels/ insurgents:- if a nations gdp/c education level etc is bad. In other words if it's on the verge of being a failed state / people are very unhappy, partisans/guerillas of rouge entities/organisations within the nation should spawn and oppose the nations forces ( for example, Taliban/al-qaida in Pakistan/Arab countries, KKK/confederates in US, MS 13 in Hispanic countries, RSS in India, Tamil Tigers in SL etc) . They should be fairly easy to deal with but other nations can support them and use them against you. However if they are neglected and underestimated too much, these insurgents can overthrow the government where country flag turns into their flag too after which normal national entities are new insurgents within these rouge governments. Having said this land loyalty system should also remain as it is.

2.) Spheres of influence system should be more interactive:- if a country reaches a specific economic and/or military strength threshold, it should be given the option to start its own sphere of influence based on ethnicity, geography, religion etc. Furthermore you should be able to manipulate nations in your sphere of influence to some degree. Eg you should be able to be a mediator between 2 nations in your sphere of influence who are at war with each other, be able to try and improve relations of 2 countries in your sphere that don't have good relations or incite a country in your sphere of influence to wage war on any country of your choosing.

3.) More freedom to change own government system:- you can just covert a democracy to dictatorship by having very high military support and loosing election. However it should be possible to revert back to democracy or change your government system to any political structure of your choosing. Having said this it should be hard to do so but not impossible.

Hope BG team considers my feedback.
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Re: Update/changes I'd like to see in SR

Post by haiswell »

I would like this post to make some complaints about the economic system that exists in the Supreme Ruler series. Some data, like inflaction or gdp doesnt appear to follow any clear rule based on the reality. It would be great if this area be improved.
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