Sugg: upgrade obsolete units

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Re: Sugg: upgrade obsolete units

Post by CassandraBotil »

They should have done this 2 yrs ago, it might be helpful
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Re: Sugg: upgrade obsolete units

Post by Balthagor »

Can you give more details? What are you suggesting you can do with "upgrades". We already track the development path that connects units, but in most cases it's not an "upgrade to", it's a "replace by". You can't turn an M-60 tank into an M1 Abrams.
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Re: Sugg: upgrade obsolete units

Post by Rosalis »

I want to upgrade my marine unit, instead of scrapping them and training a more modern one. Not a big issue tho, i can always entrench them to secure my borders. Those airborne units for India/China 2020 are an insult tho.
I think you guys implemented Zuikaku's special forces? Theres like 5 versions of each.... again not for China and India tho... they are incapable of training special forces and cant hire one on the black market to teach them. Not that i care much since ai doesnt train them. If ai train these and entrench them in cities... oh boy. get ready for some complaints.
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