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Re: Performance survey.

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Balthagor wrote:
Jun 22 2020
I can't imagine any way we could "skip ahead". Even if your region isn't actively doing a lot of stuff, all the other countries are doing stuff, maybe even wars. Our goal is for players to have something worth doing "every game day". The only way we get to 1sec/day is to reduce game complexity, which is at the heart of what makes the game so engaging.
I'm frequently in a situation where i'd like to skip a couple of days. units lost in the Serbian Tundra, waiting for resupplies, no ongoing wars and only researching/supplying, ruler of the world with an unfinished research tree, etc. You definitly shouldn't reduce the game mechanics for this, but you shouldn't aim for a "10s on fastest is sufficient". Why would you even implement slower game speeds if the fastest is the only "playable" one? it should be more like:
Fastest: 1s
Very Fast: 10s
Fast: 30s
Normal: 60s
Slow: 90s
Slowest: 120s
If the slowest speed would take me more then 2min, why shouldn't I simply pause the game if it really is necessary to do so much that 2min is not enough?
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Re: Performance survey.

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Current game build.
Ryzen 5900X, RAM 32Gb 3400mhz
first day 14.xx seconds (did not catch precise)
10 days 1min 40.68s
10 days average = 10.068s
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