Game not taking full advantage of CPU

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Game not taking full advantage of CPU

Post by BillyBanzai »

Hey guys, I've recently gotten my hands on a new PC with a Ryzen 7 5800 CPU. I'm now 17 years into my Cold War scenario save and although the days go by way faster than they used to on my old PC, it still slowed down quite considerably. Of course eventually, that's to be expected when the whole world is in chaos, but the curious thing is that when I monitor my PC's performance while playing, I see that my CPU usage never gets higher than 20%. Why are the days going by slower then they used to when apparently my CPU isn't struggling to keep up? Is there a way to have the game make more use of my CPU's resources?
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Re: Game not taking full advantage of CPU

Post by Balthagor »

The game uses multiple cores, though often the calculations in one of the cores are needed for another core to keep going. Threads of processing can only be broken up so much. Picture 8 people doing math, one person is doing all the calculus questions while everyone else has a bunch of grade 10 level assignments that periodically need an answer from the calculus questions. That would leave 7 people often waiting on 1.
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