My recommendations for Supreme Ruler Next Gen

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My recommendations for Supreme Ruler Next Gen

Post by Cdiplayer »

Hey everyone, figured I'd post this since I have over 5,000 hours in Supreme Ruler, and over the course of those 5000 hours I have really narrowed down what I like most about this series, and what I would like to see going forward. First off, I have spent about 4000 hours on Supreme Ruler Ultimate, and 1000 on the rest of the series combined. Of this 4000, over half has been since the addition of the map editor. Were it not for the map editor, I would have stopped playing this game years ago. The map editor allows me to easily create my own custom scenarios and effectively turns Supreme Ruler into a geopolitical sandbox game. Any future Supreme Ruler game needs a map editor and modding suite, preferably with a more streamlined interface. An easy way to create and test events in real time would be nice, because I personally find that to be the most frustrating part of modding. Anyway, on to new feature recommendations!

1. The ability to change your national flag in game. This is such a huge immersion breaker for me. If the AI can change its flags in game through events, why can't I? I think that the interface for this would be relatively simple as well, if you want to change your nation's flag, just click on the flag itself, and then scroll through all the flags in the flagbits files in the graphics folders. You could either set it up like it functions in the modding tools, where you scroll through one flag at a time, or you could set up a whole menu that has all the flags on it. That way, you could add flags as you play by editing the flagbits files to put in custom flags. Why is this so immersion breaking for me? Well, I'll give you an example. If I am playing as a monarchy in 2020 and I liberate China, they are now a monarchy with a communist flag. That doesn't make any sense. I should be able to load in as China after liberating them so that I can change their flag to something more appropriate.

2. Being able to create colonies out of battle zones. We can release independent nations from battle zones, we should be able to release colonies from battle zones as well.

3. The ability to create custom colonial nations in game. If I am playing as Japan for example, and I want to resurrect Manchukuo as a colony in northeastern China, I should be able to create a custom colonial nation, choose a flag and a name, a capital city, and assign battle zones to it, regardless of loyalty. To be clear, I'm not saying that the loyalty should change when I assign a battlezone to a particular colonial nation, it should remain the same, the colonial nation just takes ownership over that battlezone. Another example of this would be if I wanted to recreate French Indochina or French West Africa.

4. A custom unit creator. Many other grand strategy games have this feature, Superpower 2, Hearts of Iron 4, etc. I think Supreme Ruler would really benefit from this. It could be structured around researching certain modules and then using an in game editor to select pieces (for example, for a tank you could have a gun, turret, chassis, and engine) to put together to create a custom unit with its own unique characteristics. You could do this by either creating a certain number of generic modeling pieces, like X number of generic looking tank turrets, battleship turrets, rocket engines, missile warheads, superstructures, airplane fuselages, jet engines, ship hulls, etc. OR slicing up the existing models you have in game into these various component parts. Alternatively, you could just allow the player to select from any of the already existing models in the game to use for their custom unit.

5. More government types. Absolute Monarchy, Constitutional Monarchy, Theocratic Monarchy, Theocratic Republic, Federal Republic, Unitary Republic, Direct Democracy, Confederation, Totalitarian Dictatorship, Authoritarian Dictatorship, Elective Monarchy, One Party State...I could go on and on but you get the point, more government types, and more direct control over government policy, would be cool.

6. Population control. Dear god are all these games Malthusian, the wealthier your country gets, the more your population grows! I need the ability to halt, or at least slow down, these forces. Give me the ability to ban or limit immigration either altogether or from specific countries. Give me the ability to drive down the birth rate by raising the cost of living, or in extreme cases, give me the ability to enact a one child policy. A population pyramid feature would be cool as well, perhaps that could effect your country's GDP?

7. The ability to build cities. I should be able to build new cities that gradually attract more population from surrounding hexes (and to a lesser extent faraway hexes too, as well as immigrants). Perhaps this could be dependent on nearby economic factors? (like if I've built any local industry for people to work in)

8. The ability to build colossal structures. Tourist attractions are already in the game, Trump Tower is already in the game, I wanna be able to rebuild the Tower of Babel! I want to be able to rebuild the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World! Make them super expensive to build too. It would give the player something fun to do besides go to war.

Anyway, I realize this is a lot, and I don't expect you guys to implement everything on this list, but hopefully I gave you all some ideas to toss around. Supreme Ruler is easily my favorite grand strategy game series of all time, so I am excited to see what you do with the next entry in the series!
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Re: My recommendations for Supreme Ruler Next Gen

Post by milivoje02 »

Cdiplayer you have my support.
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Re: My recommendations for Supreme Ruler Next Gen

Post by Balthagor »

I've added your comments to this thread; viewtopic.php?f=78&t=31379&p=199890#p199890
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