Two questions: Missile Facilities, Missiles, and Structure stats

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Two questions: Missile Facilities, Missiles, and Structure stats

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I am likely not going to phrase these very well, so I hope you can bare with me.

I've started construction of V-2 rockets and have been trying to find out how they work in the game. I have gained a large amount of insight into them from a couple of videos(GIJoe and Average Gamer) and many many posts on the topic here and elsewhere. Unfortunately many of the topics I have been able to find are outdated(or maybe not relevant to SR1936) and do not seem to use a system that is currently in SR1936, so I was hoping some people may be able to clear up a few questions I have.

To start with the first question isn't wholly relevant to missiles themselves, but it is one that seems to strain me frequently. How does one view the full statistics of a facility without going through the tech required to build the facility? Part of the problem here comes into the maintenance shown when viewing the tech appears to be drastically different when viewing it there versus when mousing over it in the hex's LAND facility screen. I feel like I have seen this in game when concerning one facility in particular; the fortification, but I can't remember how I came across it. Part of the interest is seeing the defensive properties(especially air and indirect bombardment defenses) of such a structure. The other is something that is more relevant to this post itself. When I look at the Radar Facility technology I can see it unlocks the Radar Station facility. I can double click that to see what its statistics are such as 64km view range and 0 close combat defense and 900 for the others. As an aside it also says that the annual maintenance is 43.41m vs the built structures <1m(and this appears to be the case for these screens for any structure I've seen). The portion that I can see that is relevant to this post is that it has a missile capacity of 30 and max missile size of 30. I also can look at the LAND view of gun emplacements and fortifications to see that they also have missile capability statistics.

That brings me to the second question. Do those structures; Fortifications, Gun Emplacements, and Radar Stations have functioning missile capabilities in the game? From what I can tell it seems like maybe it was intended, but never implemented. If they do have these capabilities though how do I use them? By that I mean loading missiles on to them or anything. If there is a way I have been unable to discover it.

Thank you to anyone that may be able to help me with these.
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Re: Two questions: Missile Facilities, Missiles, and Structure stats

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I don't think there is any other way to view the facility popup.

IIRC, only the missile silo has capacity.
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