SR-36 - Aircraft Carrier "CV-59 Forrestal" - revise air squadron capacity

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SR-36 - Aircraft Carrier "CV-59 Forrestal" - revise air squadron capacity

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Unfortunately, the carrier is rated for far too few Aircraft Squadron's. If you peruse Jane's Fighting Ships 1976-77, when the ships of the "Forrestal" class are in post-Vietnam air squadrons, that include the F-4B/J Phantom II, large A-3D Skywarrior and E-2C Hawkeye AWACS aircraft, the aircraft capacity is as "approximately 85", even with these large aircraft onboard.

When USS Forrestal was first commissioned in 1955, the ship was rate "over 100", because the squadrons aircraft onboard were smaller (F4D Skyray, F3D Demon, AD-4/-4 Skyraider, and other aircraft of similar size; only the twin-engine, nuclear-attack bomber AJ-1 Savage was considered a large aircraft, of which only four to six were ever carried.

There, I propose a enlargement of the current Air Squadrons. sort of a compromise between the two above years.

REVISED AIR SQUADRON'S: 5 (92 aircraft)

Thanks for considering - posting also to SR-36/SRU, as the unit is also listed for those SR games.
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