Supply woes

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Supply woes

Post by DrKilljoy »

One of the biggest problems I run into playing SR1936 is trying to keep my units supplied when I'm fighting wars a long way away from home. I know that's supposed to be a challenge, but I just can't seem to find any good way to do it. Has anyone else found a way to deal with these problems?

Ground units constantly running out of fuel/ammo: I understand that supply trucks are there to prevent this, but the problem with supply trucks is that they pop like balloons. I haven't really figured out any way to keep them safe from enemy bombers and artillery while keeping them close enough to supply my other units.

Ships getting stranded at sea: I've literally lost dozens of ships because they ran out of fuel on the way to their destination. This seems to happen completely at random too: a ship with 300 fuel might get there fine, while one with 1200 fuel is forever left sitting in the Indian Ocean. Is there any way I can get stranded ships back, or if not, is there a way I can at least make sure it doesn't happen again?

Re: Supply woes

Post by MrRipper »

About land supply, guess you have to wait to get supplies in new territory.
About sea, use sea transports! There is even an escort butten or you can move them in formation with shift.
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