1936 vs Ultimate

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1936 vs Ultimate

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Will SR1936 play the WWII start any differently than opening the 1936 start in Ultimate?
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Re: 1936 vs Ultimate

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No, the content and features are the same for the '36 era.
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Re: 1936 vs Ultimate

Post by adamc6 »

BIG fan of BG games....and a HUGE WWII fan.

Is there any reason at all to buy SR 1936? Or just buy Ultimate?

From the answer above it would seem that there is no reason -- but I am looking for detail.

Is there more WWII detail in 1936? More unit detail? More events or scripted aspects?

Example: if there are 15 different German tanks for the 1936-1945 era in SR1936, but only two for the same years in Ultimate, I'd want to know that.

I see lots of very generic comments on the subject, but not enough for me to make the decision.

If buying Ultimate is like buying 1936 and being able to play for the next 100+ years with no other negative changes, then I know what I should do.

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