Could not load game anymore

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Could not load game anymore

Post by CedarEmpire »

Hey there. I've been working on a Soviet-Nazi alliance in a saved game,the game would load fine, but now I can't load it anymore. It either returns me a "supreme ruler 1936 has stopped working" or a "the instruction at 0x005b8250 referenced memory at 0x06456000. The memory could not be read" error. Why that?

It would be useful to say that my system only has 5 150 920 704 bytes (4.79 GB) of free space which would make the game annoyingly slow.
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Re: Could not load game anymore

Post by Balthagor »

It sounds like your save file has become corrupted. Did you try one of the autosaves? The game keeps two alternating autosave files, saving every 7 game days by default.
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