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George Geczy
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Mac OSX Version Beta

Post by George Geczy »

Hi all ... We have just released the Mac OSX version of Supreme Ruler 1936 onto Steam.

This is still a "beta stage" release, and has some known issues:

- Multiplayer does not function.
- The frame rate can be poor on some Macs.

Other than that, overall game performance (seconds per game day) is very good. Map zoom using a magic-mouse (instead of a scroll wheel) may be overly sensitive. We're working on resolving the Multiplayer and framerate issues, but are also looking for feedback from Mac players on this version.

Workarounds for issues:
- Multiplayer - no known workaround yet. If you enter the Multiplayer lobby and it shows your IP address starting with "127", then it has not initialized properly.
- Frame rate - we recommend turning off the fog-of-war map overlay (<L> hotkey), and also the weather overlay (<W> hotkey). As well, playing at the zoomed-in game levels will greatly improve the frame rate. Zooming out the map to see larger areas will result in slower frame rate and scrolling.

We're interested in hearing feedback from Mac users, in particular:

- Performance on your system?
- Any other issues you encounter?

(Technical Note: To maximize compatibility with Save-games and the PC version, the Mac OSX build is wrapped in a "Wine layer" that is installed and configured automatically.)
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Re: Mac OSX Version Beta

Post by DenisG »

HI fokls.

Thanks for presenting the Mac Version.

After a few hours of gaming, the speed is perfectly fine so far.

In order to play in full screen mode on Mac, you have to select the lowest resolution in game.

The barracks are still (or again) missing from the construction menue. You can build them by moving around by selecting an existing facility and click build a new one. But that is a little enerving.

Thanks for your attention.

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