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Supreme Ruler 1936 Development Roadmap and FAQ

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As with all our past titles, we support our games well past the date of release. We are already working on a series of free updates for Supreme Ruler 1936 which will include more Scenarios, more prototype and speculative military equipment, and updates to game features and content. Watch for the first of many major updates with new content to appear in June. We will also be working on localizations/translations, and a port to the Mac.

We encourage you to participate on our forums or on the Steam community boards and share your ideas and feedback!


Q: Can you play as any country in the world?
A: In Sandbox mode, you are able to play as any independent region that existed in the World War II era - from Andorra to the United States of America, and lots in between. We do not allow starting from regions that are colonies, though that restriction can be modded. Scenarios and Campaign games have defined starting regions.

Q: Where is the Mac Version?
A: We expect to complete the port to Mac in early Q3 2014.

Q: When will Supreme Ruler 1936 be available in other languages?
A: At launch the game is available in English. We are working on localizations to German, French, and Spanish, and expect to have those languages available this summer.

Q: Does Supreme Ruler 1936 support Multiplayer? What about MatchMaking?
A: Supreme Ruler 1936 supports multiplayer through local network (LAN) and internet play for up to 16 players. We support the third party matchmaking service GameRanger, and also expect to support Steam matchmaking in an upcoming update.

Q: Does Supreme Ruler 1936 support Mods and Steam Workshop?
A: Supreme Ruler 1936 is extensively moddable, and our development team supports modders on our forums ( with information and assistance. Mods including "Modern World" and post-war maps are already in development by the user community. At the present time we don't support Steam Workshop, but we are planning to support it in a future update.

Q: Is there support for Steam Achievements ?
A: We will add support for Steam Achievements in future updates.

Q: When date does the game end? How does the game simulate the Post-War World ?
A: When played in Sandbox mode, the gameplay in Supreme Ruler 1936 is entirely open-ended. Players can set their own victory conditions, or play with no pre-set ending date. The Tech Tree and Equipment list in the game span past the end of WWII and well into the 21st century, including ICBMs, stealth bombers, UAVs, and even future technologies. The economic and diplomatic model of the game is currently tuned to the war years and may not simulate economies past 1950 in a realistic way, however many user-made mods are being developed for "modern world" economic and military scenarios. We will also be expanding the economic model in the game sandboxes to better simulate the post-1950 world in future updates.

Q: Does the AI launch Pearl Harbour or D-Day?
A: Many of the bigger events of World War II are very difficult to stage without affecting gameplay outside of those events. For instance, if you wanted to know if the AI will attempt the Attack on Pearl Harbor, the answer is "No. At least not with historical accuracy." There are far too many outside events that could have influenced the preparations for the attack and we do not wish to limit the AI's ability to judge the situation for itself. As well, if an AI Japan were to launch the Attack on Pearl Harbor against a Human United States, it would be an easy exploit for the human to station all the Pacific Fleet subs off the coast of Hawaii and completely cripple the Japanese Attack Force. Look for some of these significant battles to show up as Scenarios in which the starting conditions can be better controlled.

Q: How advanced are Land Battles and Naval Battles?
A: There are many elements to Supreme Ruler 1936, and our military features are very detailed, with real-time military tactics at the battalion level for land forces. Factors such as supply and weather play an important role, as do close combat, terrain features, spotting, and more. For Navies, ships are simulated individually, but Supreme Ruler 1936 does not specialize in naval combat features such as task forces and naval strategies, and naval AI is limited. We will be expanding naval AI features in future updates.

Q: Do you allow Youtube Let's Play videos?
A: Yes! BattleGoat owns all the rights to our visuals and music, and we give Youtube Let's Play creators permission to show game footage and sounds as part of their videos.

Q: Will there be a Demo Version?
A: We currently do not have the timeline for a Demo version, but we do intend to make one available in the future. In the meantime there are a number of Youtube walkthroughs and Let's Play videos posted by BattleGoat devs and fans, and these videos can give a very good indication of the gameplay and features.

Q: Will there be a form of Unit Hierarchy?
A: Supreme Ruler 1936 simulates militaries at the Battalion / Squadron level. We allow grouping units into "BattleGroups" for easier control, however there is currently no built-in hierarchy system for divisional control. This is something that has been requested by players and we are investigating ways to add this in an upcoming Update.

Q: How thorough is the Equipment List and Tech Tree?
A: The Supreme Ruler 1936 Equipment List includes thousands of units from the early 1900s until the late 21st century, including actual historical equipment, prototypes and upgraded equipment, and fictional future units. The Tech Tree contains elements spanning over 150 years of scientific and military development. These features allow gameplay well past the historical war years.

Q: Why doesn't my favorite historical event happen in the game?
A: While the early years of the war and the buildup to hostilities are simulated with a great deal of accuracy, as the years go on (1942 and later) the game can be so out of sync with the historical realities that the AI is given a lot more flexibility in its decisions, and this means the game will play less historically as time goes on. This is particularly true if players proceed in a non-historical manner, but the AI (and resolutions to battles, and even the weather) may change significantly from what happened historically. For example, late war aggressive involvement by the US will tend to be much more limited when the US is played by the AI. Some events, such as the Spanish Civil War, are not included in our historical simulation, though we may add some of these as future content updates.

-- The BattleGoat Team.
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