Endless wars issue and AI vs. AI wars

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Re: Endless wars issue and AI vs. AI wars

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Zuikaku wrote:Please, do something about endless wars. Never seen that two AI states end wars. Seeing wars raging for decades is becoming very annoying and frustrating. If AI has scripts when it offers peace and ends war, then it ,obviously, needs to be tweaked, cause this way it is not functioning well. |O
One time I played as China and helped North Vietnam and eventually North Vietnam and France signed a ceasefire
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Re: Endless wars issue and AI vs. AI wars

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At the risk of being guilty of thread Necro . . . I'm skimming over my "Your Posts" list and bumping some threads where it seems salutary, i.e., the intent truly is to prompt edifying discussion, not just to necro-spam . . .

So, having been back at playing SRU for a while, I'm impressed that this issue of "Endless AI wars" seems to be at least in part fixed!?

Examples: after a couple score hours of play in SRU (exclusively playing the Germany 1936 campaign) I have now observed several dozen AI vs. AI wars and they have mostly all ended within a matter of a few years! :-)

Having played up through summer 1940, and annexed Poland and France (which also included Spain and Italy as France had gone on a rampage against those two regions in the 1937-38 time frame), I have been able to get peace for a few hundred $ million with several of Frances former colonies! :P

The era of endless wars seems to be over. Still issues with inane wars and wars which breach the historicity of "campaigns" but at least wars can actually END in something other than utter defeat of one side now!
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