In Game Edits for Difficulty/AI Stance

What is the world like in 2020? What are the different ways to play? How can I create my own futuristic scenario and country groupings?

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In Game Edits for Difficulty/AI Stance

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What I would love to see is the ability to change AI stance and/or difficulty while in game. Sometimes I like to do a play through with a nation following a storymode I've created. I like to build my strength overtime and act as a proxy for my allies.

It would be great if there was an update/mod that allowed me to for example change military difficulty to hard while in year 5 of my game. Or a feature that would allow me to change AI stance or world volatility to aggressive/high while ingame. This would allow countries to build strength over time and then have all hell breaks loose whenever the player wanted.

Another interesting feature would be the ability to set world resources as abundant for a specified period and then dwindle down until they were scarce. This could cause some very interesting and realistic resource motivated wars from not just the player but the AI as well.

I really hope this is possible or something that Devs would consider.

Thank you!
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