Some questions regarding inflation

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Some questions regarding inflation

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Hello everyone

I just started playing this game and I think it is great but I am having constant trouble with high inflation. I have some knowledge of economics but not certainly not enough to consider myself a master and so I am hoping to get some help from others here on the forum in terms of dealing with this high inflation. My GDPc is currently at 37k and my inflation is at a whopping 18%. I have a 2% unemployment rate which I'm guessing is contributing to the inflation. Is there any way to bring down inflation without hurting my GDP? What are some peoples typical solutions to high inflation or what might you do in my situation. Currently I have knocked the domestic markup for consumer goods, petroleum and electricity all the way up to try and slow my growth but I am subsidizing food and drink to keep the mob happy. I have also put corp and small business taxes all the way to try to fix my low unemployment. Neither of these have helped all that much.

Also I would like to know if the inflation is represented as a per annum figure and will this be cumulative year after year?

Ok everyone thanks in advance
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Re: Some questions regarding inflation

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There is not go back. You should make war.
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