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Scenario changes not saving anymore?

Posted: Feb 28 2007
by Noble713
Here's the deal:

I load up the WW3 scenario. I've already made extensive changes to it months back that saved just fine. I unlock the map, and make some more changes (mostly deleting and adding units). I go to save the map, and the program has a slight delay (probably as it writes the data). I reload the new save....and none of the changes I've made have stuck. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

Posted: Feb 28 2007
by Balthagor
off the top of my head, no. Can you e-mail me your scenario? I'll load it up and try making some changes myself and see what I get.

Are you still able to make changes in other scenarios?

Scenario changes not saving anymore

Posted: Aug 16 2019
by MichaelPam
The maps are back up courtesy of Flickr. So far Ive only done the maps for the Leipzig scenarios. Will see about what photos in other posts Ill fix.