Scenario changes not saving anymore?

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Scenario changes not saving anymore?

Post by Noble713 »

Here's the deal:

I load up the WW3 scenario. I've already made extensive changes to it months back that saved just fine. I unlock the map, and make some more changes (mostly deleting and adding units). I go to save the map, and the program has a slight delay (probably as it writes the data). I reload the new save....and none of the changes I've made have stuck. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
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Post by Balthagor »

off the top of my head, no. Can you e-mail me your scenario? I'll load it up and try making some changes myself and see what I get.

Are you still able to make changes in other scenarios?
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Scenario changes not saving anymore

Post by MichaelPam »

The maps are back up courtesy of Flickr. So far Ive only done the maps for the Leipzig scenarios. Will see about what photos in other posts Ill fix.
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