Are We Great Yet? Inauguration Week Announcements

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Are We Great Yet? Inauguration Week Announcements

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BattleGoat Studios is pleased to announce a special Inauguration Week Update for its global real-time strategy title Supreme Ruler Ultimate. The new content update features the latest election results from around the world, and we welcome Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as the latest world leaders included in the game.

In addition, the Supreme Ruler Trump Rising DLC, which was released during the 2016 Presidential Election campaign, will finally be removed from the Steam storefront. The Trump Rising DLC was released in 2016 as a parody of Making America Great Again, and our intention was to remove it from Steam after Donald Trump lost the election - Instead his rise to the Presidency extended the life of the DLC, and had us releasing new content in 2017 and 2018 as well.

The Inauguration Week Update features a brand new Sandbox, "Are We Great Yet", which features a divided America on the brink of civil war on July 4th, 2021. With competing regions of the United States led by Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders and Liz Cheney, players must use whatever resources are at their disposal - diplomatic or military - to re-unite America and restore its status in the world.

Supreme Ruler Ultimate features scenarios, campaigns and sandboxes from 1936 to the near future, allowing players to take control of nearly any region in the world, for single-player and multi-player games. With the addition of the Century Bundle / Great War DLC, players can start from 1914 and play well into the 21st century. And earlier this year we added Steam Workshop support to SRU, with dozens of mods now posted by our community.

The Supreme Ruler franchise continues to be the longest-running game franchise currently still in development, having started with the original text-based strategy game on the TRS-80 in 1982, and now continuing with work on Supreme Ruler Next Generation (working title) to bring significant new updates and features to the series. Progress also continues on our new space-based strategy title, Galactic Ruler, now in Early Access release on Steam and receiving great feedback from our player community.

- The BattleGoat Team
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