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Supreme Ruler 2030 FAQ

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As we approach the release of Supreme Ruler 2030, we'll compile and answer questions in this post.

Q: Why 2030?
A: The modern Supreme Ruler series began with Supreme Ruler 2010 published in 2005, looking at the world in a chaotic near future. That continued with SR2020, first published in 2008. While players have enjoyed the series exploring many other eras - World War II, World War I, the Cold War, and even a far distant future (or past?) in Galactic Ruler, our simulation of the modern and near-future world we live in remains a favorite with many players and fans. We think that our game engine is particularly well designed for the modern era.

Q: Is this an entirely new game engine?
A: Yes and no. The core engine design retains all the main features and capabilities of the Supreme Ruler 2020 engine design. Technically we've upgraded the engine to 64-bit and DirectX 11, and many internal capabilities have expanded greatly, but the SR2030 engine should be looked at as an evolution of the engine - the Next Generation, basically.

Q: What eras or timelines will ship with the game?
A: We will be shipping a 2030 near-future timeline and also a modern world (2023) sandbox.

Q: Will the graphics and performance be greatly improved over previous games?
A: We have made significant upgrades to game performance that allow more regions and more detail in our game worlds, as well as improved game speed. Graphics have been improved in many areas however Supreme Ruler games remain focused on depth and detail over graphics and visual effects.

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