New methods of power in GR

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New methods of power in GR

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1. Dams

I know this isn't a new idea but I've never seen anyone talk about it so I will I think Dams would be a really good idea for a power source that can lean heavily on water planets and forested planets with some kind of rivers in them or what it may look like a river and I want to talk about why I thought about it so I was reading a book called Into the chaos rise of the Republic it's a pretty standard sci-fi book and spoiler alert. one day humans invade a rich ore planet which they had lost before to a hostile alien species and the way they characterize the planet and described it was very fantastic it was a densely forested world with many mountains that contain the important ore that they wanted and with many rivers going in between in the lowlands and because this wasn't a very heavily populated planet they use damns as there main energy source and then built railway lines to the mountains too bring in the ore and then put them on space elevator with an in our case will be spaceport. I simply want to build a colony like that and it just makes sense as well have dams it's a reliable source of power probably wouldn't exist on every plant about its way to ease the power problem.

Now I don't know how the developers are going to put dams in the game even if they wanted to do so dams in the game but this is my suggestion a dam instead of supreme ruler ultimate should be an entire tile something like a military Fortress you cannot build anything other than that it should also be relatively expensive and take a long time to build if let's say maximum amount of power plants you could build on a Tile is 6 I think that the damn should have a maximum power supply of three of these power plants I think that how dams will work in GR

1.Solar energy
Solar energy I mean I'm not going to talk much about that but that the way I see solar energy working is by being able to build it at the Equator and maybe on some plants you will not be able to like ice planets or maybe you'll only be able to build it on a desert planet like Dune they could work like in supreme ruler ultimate and I see they could take just as long as a power plant to build but Produce less than half in the power output.
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