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Klauss Marcellus
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Pirates Overhaul

Post by Klauss Marcellus »

In the last update video, the devs stated a possibility of pirates taking over the galaxy.

The "pirates taking over the Galaxy'' is not a bad idea at all, actually many games and books explored this concept since it is indeed a real possibility on space-political landscape, simillar to the ''Age of Shadows'' as portraid in Distant Worlds Universe. It also creates a new gameplay mechanic where if empires do not build their defenses properly then piracy will naturally grow. This can lead to interesseting scenarios like even hiring pirate corsairs to your cause.

And, in the long-run, it can even enable pirates to be playable, simillar to Distant Worlds Universe where you can be hired by other empires to attack other empires, you can also force a civilization to pay for ''protection'' (otherwise you can attack them), do smuggle activities within planets, and so on.

This is just a suggestion btw.
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Re: Pirates Overhaul

Post by tkobo »

One of the things ive always loved about the SR series,is any region played well can be top dog.
Id love for the pirates, ai or player run to be able to do so.

That said, theres a lot of things that need work atm, so this would be something that for me would be low on the order list of things to finish.But then again,since its an ai thing,it doesnt really have to be listed separate.
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