New here aswell, love the game, want to say hello :)

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New here aswell, love the game, want to say hello :)

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Hi everyone,
I started playing the demo on sunday with playing the french game thingie (you know.. where you can play portugal, marseille, paris, madrid and so on)

Well i've never won a game yet because i run out of troops when i'm standing in front of their cities (its really really hard to conquer a capital, isnt it?)
but i'm really really impressed. A friend of mine bought the full version and he told me that when playing austria (i'm from austria) you are even able to build pandurs and kurassiers - even the troops are mostly correct (well actually we dont have the draken any more but euro fighters.. :) but just for half a year now i think)

I am really... really really impressed of your work! i really love that game.
(guess who pre ordered SR2020 @ amazon ;) )
(Normally i would write the sentence "I'll bear 100 000 children of gratefulness to you" but it's my first post here so i dont want to get a bad reputation ;).

As every beginner i've got a lot of problems with this casus belli thing. it's quite hard to influence it negatively (without declaring war on somebody ;) ) and as a french guy nobody likes you in the demo ( x) i love irony). So its quite hard for me at the beginning =) but i think i'll handle that with gathering some routine and praxis.

sorry for my english which is obviously leveled below average :) i'll try to improve myself
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Post by el_slapper »

you need artillery & missiles to take out well defended areas - especially capitals. And patience. If you send all your units in one move, they'll get slaughterd.

with a few weeks of patience, artillery & micromanaging units, you can conquer a capital with very few losses.

1)missiles on AA defences
2)remaining missiles on enemy arty
3)advance arty at limit range. shell enemy defences. if enemy counter-attacks, use infantry/tanks to shield your artillery
4)once the first layer is clean, advance on square. rinse & repeat.
5)once AA is down, you can use planes, too. Though they are better at picking isolated targets.
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Welcome to the forums. 8)
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