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SR2010 Availability

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In Europe, Supreme Ruler 2010 is being released to Retail and Internet stores by several major publishers:

France, UK, Germany, Italy, and other EU Countries:
BlackBean Games ( )

Nicholas Games ( )

Akella ( )

Check your favorite European Reseller for availability dates and pricing.

In North America, Supreme Ruler 2010 is available primarily through Internet/Mail Order, though some stores may have some stock (including Fry's, a few EB Games US, Future Shop Canada).

Online resellers with stock include Naval Warfare Simulations ( ) and Chips&Bits ( ).

The web store by Stardock is also selling Supreme Ruler 2010 via Digital Download, at

The web store by Paradox has Supreme Ruler 2010 available for sale by Digital Download, at

Directly from BattleGoat Studios - both Digital Download & Physical/Boxed versions shipped worldwide. Check out the details:

Thanks for supporting BattleGoat Studios and Supreme Ruler 2010!

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