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Re: Old TRS-80 version...

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I see this thread is ancient history. Like Supreme Ruler ... I just want to say SR was the best damn game ever written for the trs 80's. I played it incessantly for years. I even wrote George a letter to tell him how awesome it was and he used my comment in an Ad in (i think) 80 Micro magazine. I loved that game. I kept my model 3 for years past it's time just to play it.
As it was written in good old easy peasy line numbered basic, I made my own version with some additional pages including Nuclear strikes. :D
I'm loving SR 2020 but i'm having to upgrade to a 3.6ghz quadcore hoping it'll improve the game speed. :lol:
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Re: Old TRS-80 version...

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Why thank you :)

We actually still have a 4P set up in the office and boot it up once or twice a year :D
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