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Newbie here

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Hey guys,
So I bought this game 3 months ago, thinking that I would fall in love with it and possibly become a recluse, only venturing outside my room to eat and defecate. I enjoyed it at first, but I soon encountered a whole crap ton of things that irritated me. However, I think that I could get around all of those things, if I could find a solution to the big one. I hate micromanaging the military. Waging war is the whole reason I bought the game, but when I have to move and arm my units individually, I can't stand it. When I played as the US, which has thousands of units, I don't even know where to begin, so I invade Canada. And that's about it. I don't know how to launch amphibious or aerial operations, so that rules out anywhere else except Mexico, and really, who wants to invade Mexico. I played as other countries, but eventually encountered the same problems. So now I've decided to have another go at this game, but I'm becoming just as frustrated as before. If ANYONE has ANY tips or advice to help me out, I would Supremely appreciate it. Thanks!
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Re: Newbie here

Post by NephilimNexus »

Yes, the AI is generally poor at waging war - including your own AI when using your own units and so yes again you pretty much have to micromanage everything.

That being said, though, it can be done. Trust me on this.


First, if it all seems to much first remember that you can always set the time scale on Very Slow and keep a finger on the Pause key at all times.

Next, really, you don't need thousands of units. Or even hundreds. I've yet to run into a country that could not be taken down with nothing more than 35 infantry, about 8 tanks, 14 artillery, 7 long-range AA units, 7 supply trucks and 0 aircraft.

Here's some tricks to make it all easier:

1) Spam garrisons into captured towns. Eight each or until you run completely out of reserves. They won't hold hexes on their own but can buy you time to get real troops back there when needed.

2) Keep your supply trucks just out of enemy artillery range so that you don't lose your momentum.

3) Like a plague of locusts, tear down every military facility you capture except for barracks. Keep those repair damaged units inside enemy territory (they usually only take a couple days to repair once captured). Why? Because should you lose the hex in a counter attack the enemy can't use it until it gets repaired, and they'll need at least a month to do that.

4) Keep tanks on flanks of supply trucks for protection. All your real fighting is best done with infantry units. The better ones are perfectly capable of anti-tank warfare so long as you keep them in solid stacks of seven.

5) The AI has a bad habit of trying to rush lone units - single tanks, single recon cars, to try to grab land back. They make easy prey for a seven-stack reaction force (see above).

6) Advance, solidify, repeat. Don't push too far too fast. Take a town. Spam garrisons. Send damaged units back to repair. Replace with fresh units. Move to the next town.

7) Attack from multiple directions. Don't just aim a seven-stack into a town by itself. Stick another on another side and watch enemy garrisons melt away like magic. Just be sure they don't do it back to you.

8 ) Narrow the front. Use tanks & ATGs defensively to keep from getting flanked but concentrate your main force into one area. Likewise, never go to war with more than one target country at a time if at all possible.

9) ENTRENCH! Never use Move - always use Entrench to a location so that they'll dig in as soon as they arrive. Why does this matter? Because an entrenched unit always gets the first shot in regardless of the actual weapon ranges of the units in question. When a seven-stack opens up on a lone raider they usually drop to less than 50% health in the first salvo and they go into retreat without ever getting a shot off themselves - and oftentimes they don't live long enough to retreat.

10) Wear them out. Use long range artillery and target enemy unit production facility hexes until you can actually capture them. Even the slightest damage stalls their production entirely. Push into their territory slightly, dig in and patiently let them feed all their good units into your entrenched-ambush shredder until they've got nothing left to fight with. Then it's just a matter of mopping up stragglers and cleaning out cheap garrisons.
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Re: Newbie here

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Are we talking about SR2010 or SR2020 here?
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