Exact Difficulty Setting Effects.....sigh

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Exact Difficulty Setting Effects.....sigh

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Ive read my book that I bought in the boxed set in the store and it says Nothing about the different effects of the difficulty seetings. Now it would be AWSUME to know the exact effects of such settings. this is the only thing I have found here or anywhere which says anything about the effects. I would LOVE to have a run down on the EXACT effects of each setting, it would make my games ALOT MORE FUN...grin

George Geczy wrote:
I also made the decision not to make the AI "act dumb" at easier difficulty levels. The difficulty change is acheived primarily by three things:

1) The AI will react slower at easy levels.
2) Some of the regional balances designed into a scenario will get adjusted based on difficulty; this is things like production efficiency, military efficiency, etc. "Normal" difficulty represents the baselines created by the Scenario designer (ie, the US has a higher production efficiency than Egypt, for instance); changing the difficulty easy to hard will move these settings slightly towards/away from the human player's favor.
3) The AI will tend to be more agressive at higher difficulty levels, which means also that it will be harder to diplomatically deal with the ( :-? ) and so on.

-- George.
1. So its not dumber, its slower, lets be politically correct here....laugh
2. production/military the only ones?, Senarios or all the sand box/crisis campains also???
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Re: Exact Difficulty Setting Effects.....sigh

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is this a SR2020 post in the wrong thread?
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