Going to play as Canada in WW3 - Advice?

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Going to play as Canada in WW3 - Advice?

Post by coreymas »

Hello everyone,

I am going to attempt (I am a noob player) playing Canada in the WW3 game.

I want to avoid going to war for as long as possible....but i also want to modernize my Armed Forces.

Was going to do the following:

1. Disband all Military facilities except two (Gagetown and Kamloops)
2. Disband all Airstrips except one (Probably keep the one north of Toronto).
3. Disband all ports except one on the east coast and one on the west.
4. Go for at least a non-aggression pact with the US.
5. Do some decent diplomacy with most of the European countries.
6. Trade low level techs with African countries to gain their favor (and money).
7. Use 4 research slots for decent Miltary units (Tank, Inf, Ftr./Bomber, Frigate). Use the rest of my slots for decent economic techs.

Question is this ... will i be able to stay out of the wars that are happening as long as i foster good relations with nations (if i can get Non-Agression pacts with the AI honor them).

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Re: Going to play as Canada in WW3 - Advice?

Post by GIJoe597 »

As Canada the only country you need to worry about is the U.S.A. Since the AI does not do amphibious assaults or para drops you only have to worry about bordering countries.
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Re: Going to play as Canada in WW3 - Advice?

Post by SGTscuba »

wait for the US to fight mexico, and then build up huges forces, however, this is hard for canada and so is one of the hardest countries to play. I played the US once, and havent attacked anyone else yet, i just waiting for everyone to declare war on me. Not far off, most nations have 95% cb against me, but I have a build cap of over 300 and still climbing, oh, and i am also sitting on at least 23,000 missiles ready to launch, 70 odd super strengthed b-52 sqdrn's. So be careful of the USA, its tech will rip Canada apart if your not careful, and thats why u let it fight mexico, so it drains a lot of their troops in a messed melee.
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