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by Erigorn
Jun 02 2020
Forum: General Discussion - GR
Topic: UI Complaints + Suggestions! [GALACTIC RULER]
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UI Complaints + Suggestions! [GALACTIC RULER]

Heyo! :P I'm Erik, and I do the video work, as well as design the UI for our upcoming Galactic Ruler title. Some of you may know me from the YouTube channel, Discord, and other social media platforms - though I doubt my 4 posts on the forum have helped make much of an impression here! :lol: There's ...
by Erigorn
Jun 02 2020
Forum: General Discussion - SRUltimate
Topic: Performance survey.
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Re: Performance survey.

!!! Reset video settings, 1080p full screen, fresh load each time, version 9.2.4, fastest speed, Windows 10 (I miss u Windows 8.1), and all at stock hardware clocks !!! I averaged the last 9 days, as the first day always includes some extra loading time. I'll update this post later with my home PC s...
by Erigorn
Jun 27 2019
Forum: Off Topic Comments
Topic: Does Supreme Ruler have merchandise?
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Re: Does Supreme Ruler have merchandise?

We had some posters made in the past, and occasionally we do run a giveaway involving helmeted goats! I believe there may have been a merch store a long while back (before my time), however I don't believe it received enough traffic to justify keeping up.
by Erigorn
May 14 2018
Forum: SRU Multiplayer Games
Topic: MP Dev Game
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Re: MP Dev Game

Oh, you know Dublin was asking for it!


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