Bullpup Missile and Autoload

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Bullpup Missile and Autoload

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I have only got access to the "Bullpup" missile for ground attacking but I have encountered a bug with using the "Autoload to match role" selection which I use to get units to pull the correct missile for their role out of the stocks.

No matter how much capacity I have on the plane, and even if I set its targets to everything, this missile will not ever be loaded. However, using it for other missiles it works correctly.

Steps to replicate:
1) Build some Bullpup missiles
2) Get an air unit, and set it to "Autoload missiles to match role" to on.

Watch it not load the Bullpups, but anything else yes, even when Bullpups are all you have it doesn't load them this way for some reason.

Could it be the missiles role isn't assigned correctly?
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Re: Bullpup Missile and Autoload

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