Concept of war declaration

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Concept of war declaration

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currently you can only declare war.

We noticed during our games many times a lot of regions pop up as "partisans" and you get a scattered territory.

We also can't move through these territories. We might not be allied or so.

Also just conquering and occupying should lead to everyone else fighting you at some point. This has been discussed before.

But what to allow more options to declare war?

For instance, to improve your international relations you can declare "liberation wars"

if for instance Russia conquered Poland. a 7 places polish rebels came up and freed their country partly.

Now I can declare war on Russia, the rest of the world hates me for it.

But what if I don't simply declare war, but declare a "liberation war"

My units would NOT enter Russia itself.

Russian units would NOT enter my country.

But our units would both fight over Poland.

While doing so, since I'm liberating, my units CAN move over Polish rebel held places and get supplies from them or I supply them and we fight like

We're not allied, but as long as we're fighting, we fight together. Every peace of land my units liberate automatically goes back to Poland.

Once all of Poland is secured, the "liberation war" is over.. or Russia can just surrender the country back
or in case I lose that battle Russia offers me a truce on their terms and I either accept or not. If not, I risk them going to war with me.

Anyway, I think there should be MORE than just "declare war"

The game has this potential to be MUCH MORE than just tactical warfare. I think since the game engine is already very mature on the tactical front, more than any other game,
a more depth in strategy and politics as well as liberation wars, occupation, annexation and the distinction between these different wars is in place to get this game
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