Jopo´s Brinkmanship 1914 Mod

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Jopo´s Brinkmanship 1914 Mod

Post by Jopo »

OK, I started working on this mod by taking a copy of the 1914 scenario files and making separate copies of the tech tree, unit and people files etc. So this mod is separate and hopefully shouldn´t mess with vanilla.

So here are some of my plans;

Tech tree; So far in my vanilla playthrough I havent noticed any techs related to agriculture or forestry for example, so perhaps that should be looked into as the agri market is rather lucrative in some parts of the game. Techs for agriculture could include things like "mechanized agriculture", maybe after industrialization and commercial diesel engine, as the farms so far powered by horses moved to using tractors and other machinery. Also modern agrochemistry with pesticides and fertilizers could be implemented, maybe not as powerful as the 50% increase provided by the Improved Power Grid techs, but some kind of a hefty bonus nonetheless...and there goes the lucrative agri market of the early game as everyone suddenly produces vast amounts of food. :-D

Ok, so those are just a few tech ideas I got, I´m looking at the usable effects list in the wiki and thinking what techs could I make that use this or that effect and how would it fit in the tech tree? If you´ve got an idea for a good tech topic, let me know ok?

I´ll post more in due time but in the meantime I´ll be doing the mod and of course playing SR ultimate. :-D
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Re: Jopo´s Brinkmanship 1914 Mod

Post by bowtie »

There are some techs that improve agriculture. They are a bit farther down the tree though, if you're starting in 1914 you won't see them for a few years.
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Re: Jopo´s Brinkmanship 1914 Mod

Post by Jopo »

Thank you for the information bowtie, I have the .png picture file for the tech tree, but it is so massive that it´s hard to look at on a small laptop screen as I´m visiting my folks right now and away from my main pc.

Needless to say before I do any massive additions to the tech tree I´ll need to study the existing tech tree first and I´ll do that once I get back home to my larger screen.

In the meantime, I found this article in the Wikipedia;

The Haber-Bosch process used to generate nitrogen for ammonia production (fertilizer) and it says the following for example;

In combination with pesticides, these fertilizers have quadrupled the productivity of agricultural land:

With average crop yields remaining at the 1900 level the crop harvest in the year 2000 would have required nearly four times more land and the cultivated area would have claimed nearly half of all ice-free continents, rather than under 15% of the total land area that is required today.[18]

Due to its dramatic impact on the human ability to grow food, the Haber process served as the "detonator of the population explosion", enabling the global population to increase from 1.6 billion in 1900 to today's 7 billion.[19] Nearly 50% of the nitrogen found in human tissues originated from the Haber-Bosch process.[20] Since nitrogen use efficiency is typically less than 50%,[21] farm runoff from heavy use of fixed industrial nitrogen disrupts biological habitats.[3][22]

So this is the effect of the Haber-Process-technology dated around WW-1 (Germans used the process to generate ammonia for explosives during ww-1), a 200% total increase in agri production, which probably should be spread around other techs like mechanization of farming and other agrochemistry discoveries.

What other discoveries could we add to the tech tree? Medical advances? I´m an epileptic so that has forced me to look into a bit of neurology and that is the basis for all kinds of futuristic technologies, like different man-machine interfaces, cybernetics etc.

Oh yes, and a question; Can I update the tech tree as I go along playtesting my mod, or does it need a cache generation to update? what files are included in the cache so I know when I need to update it? Thx!
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Re: Jopo´s Brinkmanship 1914 Mod

Post by Jopo »

OK, just an update, I made the following techs for my modded tech tree, if you want to use them in your own mods or something feel free. Also any comments would be welcome, so I get feedback and criticism for that is the way to improvement, right? :-D

Here are the techs;

1859,3,1,,,,,,,,180,90000000,,,,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Modern Chemistry (starter tech for chemistry branch)
1860,3,10,,1859,,,,,,180,90000000,,,,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Haber-Bosch Process (check wikipedia, a revolutionary process for fertilizer)
1861,4,10,,1860,,72,,0.5,,720,1000000000,,,,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Modern Agrochemistry I (these techs are meant to simulate the spread of agrochem technology throughout your agri sector, as such they´re non-tradeable and carry a hefty bonus to agri production just like the power-grid techs)
1862,4,15,,1861,,72,,0.5,,720,1000000000,,,,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Modern Agrochemistry II
1863,3,32,,1859,923,,,,,360,180000000,,,,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Chemistry Advances I (this tech is placed just after quality control standards era tech)
1864,3,39,,1863,,,,,,180,90000000,,,,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Modern Pesticides (DDT and other fun stuff, revolutionary but toxic, also these techs lead to modern nerve agents like VX etc. if there was to be modern chem weapons advances?)
1865,4,40,,1862,1864,72,,0.5,,720,1000000000,,,,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Modern Agrochemistry III
1866,4,45,,1865,,72,,0.5,,720,1000000000,,,,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Modern Agrochemistry IV

So, how do you like my new techs so far? Do they fit into the tech tree etc. Comments?
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Re: Jopo´s Brinkmanship 1914 Mod

Post by way2co0l »

Oh cool, just noticed this. +1 to mods for the 1914 start! Looks like a pretty good start. You say the agrochemistry techs have a pretty large bonus equivalent to the power-grid techs, and I'm curious how that plays out. I haven't played far enough in to notice any agri shortages and I'm wondering if these techs simply create such a glut of food stuffs that it simply drives down the production value and pretty much negates the techs altogether. I'm honestly not sure. If that turns out to be the case, you could use other techs to increase pop consumption as a balance to other bonuses or perhaps as a transition tech to others the player will want in order to increase demand and make these techs more useful. I'll be starting on my own 1914 mod project this weekend though it's mostly at a stage for testing the effects of a few things so I might try to incorporate your mod so we can test the effects all at once. lol
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Re: Jopo´s Brinkmanship 1914 Mod

Post by Jopo »

Hey, way2cool, good to know there´s other people working on 1914 mods as well. Maybe we can cooperate?

Here´s the full list of techs I´ve made so far and it is rather long so a WALL OF TEXT WARNING! :-D

1859,3,1,,,,,,,,180,90000000,,,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Modern Chemistry
1860,3,10,,1859,,,,,,180,90000000,,,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Haber-Bosch Process
1861,4,10,,1860,,72,,0.25,,720,1000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Modern Agrochemistry I (I reduced the bonus output of agri to 25% per tech)
1862,4,15,,1861,,72,,0.25,,720,1000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Modern Agrochemistry II
1863,3,32,,1859,923,,,,,360,180000000,,,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Chemistry Advances I
1864,3,39,,1863,,,,,,180,90000000,,,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Modern Pesticides
1865,4,40,,1862,1864,72,,0.25,,720,1000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Modern Agrochemistry III
1866,4,45,,1865,,72,,0.25,,720,1000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Modern Agrochemistry IV
1867,3,1,,,,72,84,0.2,0.2,180,90000000,,,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Modern Agriculture
1868,4,5,,1867,900,,,,,180,90000000,,,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Modern Agrimachinery I
1869,4,10,,1868,,72,84,0.25,0.25,720,2000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Mechanized Agriculture I (bonus output and efficiency for agri, as tractors and other equipment make it possible to farm more and more land effectively)
1870,4,15,,1869,,72,84,0.25,0.25,720,2000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Mechanized Agriculture II
1871,4,32,,1868,1139,,,,,180,90000000,,,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Modern Agrimachinery II
1872,4,35,,1870,1871,72,84,0.25,0.25,720,2000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Mechanized Agriculture III
1873,4,40,,1872,,72,84,0.25,0.25,720,2000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Mechanized Agriculture IV

1874,4,10,,1847,,80,92,0.25,0.25,720,1000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Improved Commercial Production I (assembly line and production advances for each good type)
1875,4,15,,1874,1164,80,92,0.25,0.25,720,1000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Improved Commercial Production II
1876,4,35,,1875,923,80,92,0.25,0.25,720,1000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Improved Commercial Production III
1877,4,50,,1876,1195,80,92,0.25,0.25,720,1000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Improved Commercial Production IV

1878,3,1,,,,,,,,180,90000000,,,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Modern Industrial Materials
1879,4,10,,1847,1878,81,93,0.25,0.25,720,1000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Improved Industrial Production I
1880,4,15,,1879,1164,81,93,0.25,0.25,720,1000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Improved Industrial Production II
1881,4,35,,1880,923,81,93,0.25,0.25,720,1000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Improved Industrial Production III
1882,4,50,,1881,1195,81,93,0.25,0.25,720,1000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Improved Industrial Production IV

1883,3,5,,1878,1859,,,,,180,90000000,,,0.6,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Modern Military Materials
1884,4,10,,1847,1883,82,94,0.25,0.25,720,1000000000,,,0.6,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Improved Military Production I
1885,4,15,,1884,1164,82,94,0.25,0.25,720,1000000000,,,0.6,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Improved Military Production II
1886,4,35,,1885,923,82,94,0.25,0.25,720,1000000000,,,0.6,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Improved Military Production III
1887,4,50,,1886,1195,82,94,0.25,0.25,720,1000000000,,,0.6,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Improved Military Production IV

1888,3,1,,,,,,,,180,90000000,,,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Modern Biology
1889,3,5,,1888,,74,86,0.25,0.25,180,90000000,,,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Modern Forestry
1890,6,6,,1888,1889,103,,0.05,,180,90000000,0.5,0.5,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Forestry Protection Laws
1891,4,10,,1889,1868,74,86,0.25,0.25,720,1000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Mechanized Forestry I
1892,4,15,,1891,,74,86,0.25,0.25,720,1000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Mechanized Forestry II
1893,4,18,,1889,900,,,,,180,90000000,,,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Portable Chainsaw
1894,4,20,,1892,1893,74,86,0.25,0.25,720,1000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Mechanized Forestry III
1895,4,35,,1894,1871,74,86,0.25,0.25,720,1000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Mechanized Forestry IV

1896,3,1,,,,77,89,0.25,0.25,180,90000000,,,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Modern Ore Mining Industry
1897,4,15,,1896,1164,77,89,0.25,0.25,720,1000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Ore Mining Advances I
1898,6,32,,1896,923,103,,0.05,,180,90000000,0.5,0.5,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Mining Industry Regulations (environment rating bonus 5%)
1899,4,35,,1897,1898,77,89,0.25,0.25,720,1000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Ore Mining Advances II
1900,4,40,,1899,,77,89,0.25,0.25,720,1000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Ore Mining Advances III
1901,4,45,,1900,,77,89,0.25,0.25,720,1000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Ore Mining Advances IV

1902,3,1,,,,76,88,0.25,0.25,180,90000000,,,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Modern Coal Mining Industry
1903,4,15,,1902,1164,76,88,0.25,0.25,720,1000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Coal Mining Advances I
1904,4,35,,1903,1898,76,88,0.25,0.25,720,1000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Coal Mining Advances II
1905,4,40,,1904,,76,88,0.25,0.25,720,1000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Coal Mining Advances III
1906,4,45,,1905,,76,88,0.25,0.25,720,1000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Coal Mining Advances IV

1907,3,45,,42,,78,90,0.25,0.25,180,90000000,,,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Modern Uranium Mining Industry
1908,6,50,,1907,1898,103,,0.05,,180,90000000,0.5,0.5,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Uranium Mining Regulations
1909,4,55,,1907,1908,78,90,0.25,0.25,720,1000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Uranium Mining Advances I
1910,4,60,,1909,,78,90,0.25,0.25,720,1000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Uranium Mining Advances II
1911,4,65,,1910,,78,90,0.25,0.25,720,1000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Uranium Mining Advances III
1912,4,60,,1911,,78,90,0.25,0.25,720,1000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Uranium Mining Advances IV

1913,3,6,,900,,75,87,0.25,0.25,180,90000000,,,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Modern Oil Drilling Industry
1914,4,15,,1913,1164,75,87,0.25,0.25,720,1000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Oil Drilling Advances I
1915,6,32,,1913,923,103,,0.05,,180,90000000,0.5,0.5,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Drilling Industry Regulations
1916,4,35,,1914,1915,75,87,0.25,0.25,720,1000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Oil Drilling Advances II
1917,4,40,,1916,,75,87,0.25,0.25,720,1000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Oil Drilling Advances III
1918,4,45,,1917,,75,87,0.25,0.25,720,1000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Oil Drilling Advances IV

1919,3,14,,922,1164,79,91,0.25,0.25,180,90000000,,,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Modern Electricity Industry
1920,4,15,,1919,571,79,91,0.25,0.25,720,1000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Improved Powerplants I (Improved turbines and generators etc.)
1921,4,20,,1920,,79,91,0.25,0.25,720,1000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Improved Powerplants II
1922,4,25,,1921,914,79,91,0.25,0.25,720,1000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Improved Powerplants III
1923,4,30,,1922,,79,91,0.25,0.25,720,1000000000,,,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Improved Powerplants IV

1924,6,1,,,,101,109,0.10,0.05,180,90000000,1.0,1.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Public School System (10% education rating bonus for a small cost increase 5%, these techs are meant to be efficient in pumping up edu ratings)
1925,6,5,,1924,,100,109,0.05,0.025,180,90000000,1.0,1.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Free School Meals (health rating 5% for 2,5% in edu costs investing in the health of children and youth is a good thing right?)
1926,6,5,,1924,,100,109,0.05,0.025,180,90000000,1.0,1.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // School Sports & Health Curricula (health rating bonus, meant to simulate preventive effects of health education)
1927,6,5,,1924,,106,109,0.10,0.025,180,90000000,1.0,1.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // School Language & Culture Curricula (culture rating bonus for a small investment, learning languages opens up the world and so on. :-D)
1928,6,5,,1924,,100,108,0.10,0.025,180,90000000,1.0,1.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // School Health Service (school nurse service, a simple but efficient system)
1929,6,5,,1924,,101,109,0.10,0.05,180,90000000,1.0,1.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Public Higher Education System
1930,6,8,,1929,,101,109,0.20,0.10,180,90000000,1.0,1.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Public Academic Education System
1931,6,10,,1930,,101,109,0.10,0.05,180,90000000,1.0,1.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Open Education System

1932,6,15,,1930,1164,5,109,0.05,0.025,180,90000000,1.0,1.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Academic Training Advances I (research efficiency bonus)
1933,6,35,,1932,923,5,109,0.05,0.025,180,90000000,1.0,1.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Academic Training Advances II
1934,6,45,,1933,42,5,109,0.05,0.025,180,90000000,1.0,1.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Academic Training Advances III
1935,6,50,,1934,1194,5,109,0.05,0.025,180,90000000,1.0,1.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Academic Training Advances IV

1936,6,30,,567,,106,114,0.10,0.05,180,90000000,1.0,1.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Public Broadcasting Companies (culture rating)
1937,4,35,,1171,,106,68,0.10,0.05,180,90000000,1.0,1.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Commercial Radio Receivers (radio in every home)
1938,6,10,,1890,,103,111,0.20,0.05,180,90000000,1.0,1.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // National Nature Reserves (national parks etc. environment rating)
1939,6,1,,,,107,115,0.05,0.025,180,90000000,1.0,1.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Basic Poverty Aid
1940,6,5,,1939,,107,115,0.05,0.025,180,90000000,1.0,1.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Soup Kitchens
1941,6,5,,1939,,107,115,0.05,0.025,180,90000000,1.0,1.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Homeless Shelters
1942,6,15,,1164,,,,,,180,90000000,1.0,1.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Labor Unions
1943,6,20,,1942,,104,112,0.10,-0.10,180,90000000,1.0,1.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Minimum Wage Regulations (these techs achieved after labor unions give different ratings while reducing costs, family subsidy here for example and cost reduction as minimum wage allows families to fend for themselves)
1944,6,20,,1942,,100,108,0.10,-0.10,180,90000000,1.0,1.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Workplace Safety Regulations (prevents health care costs)
1945,6,20,,1942,,104,106,0.10,0.10,180,90000000,1.0,1.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Paid Holidays (culture rating and family rating)
1946,6,20,,1942,,107,115,0.10,-0.10,180,90000000,1.0,1.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Basic Unemployment Benefits (social security ratings and cost decrease as the employers pay a certain amount to unemployment funds for each employee)

1947,6,40,,1141,,105,113,0.10,0.05,180,90000000,1.0,1.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Traffic Regulations
1948,6,1,,,,105,113,0.10,0.05,180,90000000,1.0,1.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Modern Police Force
1949,6,5,,1948,,6,113,0.10,0.05,180,90000000,1.0,0.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Counter-Intelligence Service
1950,6,5,,1948,,7,113,0.10,0.05,180,90000000,0.0,0.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Intelligence Service

1951,6,5,,1948,,105,113,0.10,-0.10,180,90000000,1.0,1.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Gun Control Laws I
1952,6,35,,1951,1310,105,113,0.05,-0.05,180,90000000,1.0,1.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Gun Control Laws II
1953,6,45,,1952,1313,105,113,0.05,-0.05,180,90000000,1.0,1.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Gun Control Laws III
1954,6,50,,1953,,105,113,0.05,-0.05,180,90000000,1.0,1.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Gun Control Laws IV

1955,6,5,,1948,,105,113,0.10,0.05,180,90000000,1.0,1.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Police Force Training I
1956,6,35,,1955,1310,105,113,0.05,0.025,180,90000000,1.0,1.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Police Force Training II
1957,6,45,,1956,1313,105,113,0.05,0.025,180,90000000,1.0,1.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Police Force Training III
1958,6,35,,1957,,105,113,0.05,0.025,180,90000000,1.0,1.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Police Force Training IV

1959,6,15,,1949,,6,113,0.10,0.05,180,90000000,1.0,0.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Counter-Intelligence Training I
1960,6,30,,1959,567,6,113,0.10,0.05,180,90000000,1.0,0.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Counter-Intelligence Training II
1961,6,45,,1960,42,6,113,0.10,0.05,180,90000000,1.0,0.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Counter-Intelligence Training III
1962,6,50,,1961,,6,113,0.10,0.05,180,90000000,1.0,0.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Counter-Intelligence Training IV

1963,6,15,,1950,,7,113,0.10,0.05,180,90000000,0.0,0.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Intelligence Agent Networks I
1964,6,30,,1963,567,7,113,0.10,0.05,180,90000000,0.0,0.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Intelligence Agent Networks II
1965,6,45,,1964,42,7,113,0.10,0.05,180,90000000,0.0,0.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Intelligence Agent Networks III
1966,6,50,,1965,,7,113,0.10,0.05,180,90000000,0.0,0.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Intelligence Agent Networks IV

1967,6,15,,1938,,103,106,0.10,0.05,180,90000000,1.0,1.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Right-To-Roam Policies (right-of-access to wilderness areas for non-disruptive, non-exploitative actions, like camping, hiking, picking berries etc. up to a limit, like for personal use etc.)
1968,6,35,,1004,,106,114,0.10,-0.10,180,90000000,1.0,1.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Modern Recording Industry

1969,6,40,,1968,,106,114,0.05,-0.05,180,90000000,1.0,1.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Popular Music I
1970,6,50,,1969,756,106,114,0.05,-0.05,180,90000000,1.0,1.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Popular Music II
1971,6,65,,1970,757,106,114,0.05,-0.05,180,90000000,1.0,1.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Popular Music III
1972,6,75,,1971,1031,106,114,0.05,-0.05,180,90000000,1.0,1.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Popular Music IV

1973,6,45,,1969,,106,68,0.05,0.05,180,90000000,1.0,0.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Youth Culture I (goes hand in hand with popular music techs :-D)
1974,6,55,,1973,1970,106,68,0.05,0.05,180,90000000,1.0,0.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Youth Culture II
1975,6,69,,1974,1971,106,68,0.05,0.05,180,90000000,1.0,0.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Youth Culture III
1976,6,80,,1975,1972,106,68,0.05,0.05,180,90000000,1.0,0.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Youth Culture IV

1978,4,1,,,,24,80,0.5,0.5,180,90000000,0.5,0.5,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Modern Textile Industry
1979,4,15,,1978,1164,24,80,0.25,0.25,720,2000000000,0.5,0.0,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Textile Industry Advances I (I grouped textiles as consumer goods, so a bonus for those)
1980,4,35,,1979,923,24,80,0.25,0.25,720,2000000000,0.5,0.0,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Textile Industry Advances II
1981,4,35,,1682,1978,27,80,0.25,0.25,180,90000000,0.5,0.5,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Synthetic Fabrics
1982,4,40,,1980,1981,27,80,0.25,0.25,720,2000000000,0.5,0.0,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Textile Industry Advances III
1983,4,45,,1982,,27,80,0.25,0.25,720,2000000000,0.5,0.0,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Textile Industry Advances IV

1984,6,46,,1849,1973,68,106,0.05,0.025,180,100000000,0.5,0.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Modern Clothing Fashion & Trends I (culture rating a bit and an increase in consumer good demand, consumerism on the rise and all that :-D)
1985,6,56,,1984,1974,68,106,0.05,0.025,180,100000000,0.5,0.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Modern Clothing Fashion & Trends II
1986,6,70,,1985,1975,68,106,0.05,0.025,180,100000000,0.5,0.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Modern Clothing Fashion & Trends III
1987,6,82,,1986,1976,68,106,0.05,0.025,180,100000000,0.5,0.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Modern Clothing Fashion & Trends IV

1988,2,1,,,,102,110,0.10,0.05,180,100000000,0.5,0.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Modern Railways
1989,2,15,,1988,900,102,63,0.05,-0.10,720,1000000000,0.5,0.0,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Public Transport Systems I (infrastructure rating and public petrol demand decrease, good techs if you´re short on oil)
1990,2,20,,1989,,102,63,0.05,-0.10,720,1000000000,0.5,0.0,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Public Transport Systems II
1991,2,35,,1990,1139,102,63,0.05,-0.10,720,1000000000,0.5,0.0,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Public Transport Systems III
1992,2,40,,1991,,102,63,0.05,-0.10,720,1000000000,0.5,0.0,0.5,False,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Public Transport Systems IV

1993,2,15,,900,1164,13,63,-0.10,-0.10,180,100000000,0.5,0.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Engine Efficiency Advances I (petrol demand decrease)
1994,2,35,,1993,1139,13,63,-0.10,-0.10,180,100000000,0.5,0.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Engine Efficiency Advances II
1995,2,45,,1994,,13,63,-0.10,-0.10,180,100000000,0.5,0.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Engine Efficiency Advances III
1996,2,55,,1995,1747,13,63,-0.10,-0.10,180,100000000,0.5,0.0,0.5,True,False,False,True,False,False,,, // Engine Efficiency Advances IV

Those are the techs I´ve come up with so far, more on the way hopefully as I come up with ideas. For example there could be a "Increased living standards I-IV" tech for increasing popular demand of goods if needed and "increased consumerism" after "marketing advances" and "modern marketing industry", things like that. :-D

I´ve run into a few bugs though, I made the techs and the corresponding localisation entries, and somehow the "misalign" or something, I show a localization in completely different place to where it should be (different bonus and different text) An example would be Youth culture IV showing the bonus of the next tech, which is Textile industry (consumer goods bonus) so somehow the descriptions and data files misalign at least in some parts. Is it the id numbering or the gaps I´ve left in the rows or what?

Also can I create a separate localization file for my techs, so I don´t mess with vanilla and how do I point the engine to look for that file?

I´ll probably be doing a re-numbering of my techs to start from id number 3000 onwards, in order to leave the preceding numbers empty for Battlegoats to do further tech updates if necessary, so I can just merge the my techs easily with any future vanilla updates. If Battlegoats or someone wants to reserve a certain range of Id numbers for their techs just let me know, so we can merge our mods more easily if needed?

OK, let me know what you like of the new techs?
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Re: Jopo´s Brinkmanship 1914 Mod

Post by way2co0l »

Oh wow, you really have been working hard on this! Very nice to see. :D Unfortunately I can't yet answer your questions as I'm learning how to do this myself. The devs are really helpful and I'm sure they'll chime in once they get back into the office. :) I haven't personally looked into how the techs are handled yet, but I'll try to accomplish that at some point in the next few days and give better feedback then. :) It sounds like your ideas to stick to a certain number range and have them merged into the main game from separate files is a good one though. I believe that's possible to do, but again I'll need to do more research to be positive. But yeah, give me a few days to get a basic idea for how this stuff works and I'll be able to discuss this with you further! :D
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Re: Jopo´s Brinkmanship 1914 Mod

Post by Jopo »

Yeah way2cool, if you want to use these techs in your own mod, feel free to. It´s good if I can somehow help make the game better.

I also made some changes to the WMData (World Market Data) file, which I also took copies of and renamed to avoid messing with vanilla. The trick is the game seems to go through several WMData files as the game progresses from one era to another so if you chance one you really need to process all of them.

I´ll list some of the changes I´ve made to the WMData;

- I toyed around with the hexresourcemultipliers, setting the last four numbers (the ones with upgrades to terrain, first four numbers are for unupgraded, non-built terrain) to 2, 4, 6 and 12, so if I´m correct the resources should be vastly increased the richer the deposit is, vanilla numbers for the last four are 0, 2, 4,12 if I remember correct. The effect of this was that so far I´ve been able to build 4 farms in a standard northern agricultural deposit instead of 2 max.

Also, I altered the producefrom stuff for just about all resources in hopes of changing a bit the stuff used to craft other resources. I changed them to so something like this;

-Agri, Resource 0;

I´m a bit unclear after looking at the wiki as to how these numbers work, but I presume it means that resources are consumed at a per ton produced basis, so....

One ton of agri is produced from; 1-2 units of electricity (vanilla is 2, but 1914 farming was very much unmechanized so maybe 1? to be increased in later wmdata files perhaps as modernization of agri industry spreads), 0.1 units of oil (fuel for the machinery and other stuff, this increases vastly as time progresses I think, how much do modern farms consume petrol products?) and 0.1 units of industrial goods (mainly to simulate agrichemicals which are industrial chemistry products, right?). So, even basic agriculture needs fertilizer, machinery and other industrial products, thus creating a cycle of demand.

-Rubber, Resource 1;

No changes yet to this

-Timber, Resource 2;

I increased the population demand for timber vastly as rural and even city dwellings were heated with either coal or wood in 1914, so demand for firewood and later different wood products such as paper, furniture, construction materials (construction industry uses a lot of wood for scaffolding, concrete molds, etc.). Finland for example used to and still does to a great extent live off forestry products, so I was bothered by the fact that in 1914 the price and demand for it was so low.

-Petrol, Resource 3;

I added a need of 0.1 units of industry goods (drilling equipment, pipes etc.) per unit produced

- Coal, Resource 4;

Added a need for 0.2 tons of timber and 0.1 tons of ind. goods per ton of coal produced. Timber for mine supports (in 1914) and steel and other ind. goods also (machinery, spare parts etc.)

Ore, Resource 5;

basically same as coal

Uranium, Resource 6;

No changes yet.

Electricity, Resource 7;

No changes.

Consumer Goods, Resource 8;

one ton of cons. goods requires; 0.2 tons of agri (wool, cotton for textiles, grain and foods for processed stuff, beer etc. :-D), 0.050 (50kg per ton?) of rubber (tires mainly?), 0.2 tons of timber (furniture, paper etc.), 0.3 tons of oil (plastics etc.) 0,1 ore, 10 Electricity and 0.350 tons of Industrial goods (steel, chemicals etc.) So out of a total of 1 ton of materials + electricity you get 1 ton of consumer goods, pretty efficient right? :-D maybe industrial waste should be included and numbers raised accordingly?

Industrial Goods, Resource 9; Recipe for these is 0.1 of agri (grown produce for chemicals etc.), 0.1 of rubber, 0.1 of timber 0.2 of oil, 0.1 of coal and 0.4 of ore.
Again it´s what you consider Industrial Goods. Things like Cars (civil cars could be considered consumer products?), Locomotives, Airliners, Steel and concrete for urban/civil construction, Chemicals, Plastics, Fertilizers etc. It´s a VERY long list.
Consequently I made the Civil populace (civilization in general) demand a hefty number of Ind. Goods annually, which means to simulate the aforementioned Urban construction, need for locomotives and later airliners and other heavy equipment.

Military Goods; Main goods for these are oil and Ind.Goods (steel), a bit of timber (grenade and weapon handles in early days and wood originated chemicals later) and ore (brass for cartridges?)

So far I haven´t had the chance to playtest these new settings much, but once I get my tech tree working I´ll do so.

Oh yes, and devs, please please include data in the wiki on how these WMdata numbers like the producefrom actually work in the calculations? Is it indeed per ton produced based or...?

So, how do you like my reasoning of these produce groupings like industrial goods (airliners, heavy equipment etc.)?
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Re: Jopo´s Brinkmanship 1914 Mod

Post by Jopo »

OK, it seems I´ve run into a small problem with my mod?

I transferred the mod files from my laptop to my desktop and placed them correctly in their folders, did my renumbering of techs from 3000-3136 and also renumbered the respective localization entries.

However, when I build the cache and start a game with my modded sandbox scenario, except that my DEFAULT Modded.TTRX and DEFAULT Modded.UNIT FIles don´t seem to load at all ( I added a few test facilities, Mechanized agriculture, mechanized timber yard and Wood (biomass/peat/wood chip) powerplants), any help would be appreciated, so I get to playtest my new techs etc. :-D

So, a question, does the tech tree load after cache or is it included in it, so do I need to rebuild cache after every possible tech tree update if I make more techs?

NOTE; on my laptop the techs worked almost fine (the localizations were a bit "misaligned") but now that I renumbered my techs..... Do I need to configure the tech ID range that is loaded somehow or...?
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Re: Jopo´s Brinkmanship 1914 Mod

Post by evildari »

Hello Jopo,

i tried your techmod with the original numbers you posted (without the empty lines)
made a localen version of the technames , recached and everything worked, even the last entry.
As far as i can read the .scenario file the Techtree itself is cached but not the localization files.

Also using those high numbers could cause some issue and / or maybe even the amount of tech entries itself is limitied
(well if i remember right i had to remove some techs of my old sr2020 mods version, maybe such limits were extended for SRU)

maybe post your .scenario file if you still have issues

and good job adding that green revolution into the game.
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