Jopo´s Modded MP Games

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Jopo´s Modded MP Games

Post by Jopo »

OK, since I´m creating a mod based on the 1914 scenario, I´ll describe it a bit.

I took a copy of the 1914 sandbox and created separate files for the tech tree, units etc. so I can mod those as well without touching the vanilla.

The scenario setup will be a bit of alternate history... The US as the rising colossus now leads the blue alliance with Britain and France as members. Russia leads the Red team with China, Iran and Ottomans as members. So far I haven´t come up with a historical backstory but if you´ve got a good idea for one let me know. :-D

I will create the start save by liberating at least Finland and Poland from Russia, and Finland will be the country I play (I like the challenge).

Allied victories will be on and I think victory condition will be complete as that allows for unlimited play (could also go for sphere victory). Allied victories will alllow for a win if all the world is conquered or subjugated by the team, right? and if there are 2 competing teams, well that would be interesting? I have a few friends who might join in as Germany (non-aligned in my mod) and UK.

Let me know if you´d like to join the group and what country you´d like to play? Oh yes, and we´ll be playing on Steam.

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Re: Jopo´s Modded MP Games

Post by Leafgreen »

I wouldn't mind trying a MP game. Don't care what country or if I win, lose, just play as support even. But what days/time periods are you thinking of?
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