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World in Conflict

Post by Balthagor »

I'm surprised there has not been at least some discussion of this game here, I looked at the demo for ~ 30mins and found it very entertaining. If anyone is playing it I'd be curious of your thoughts both on the gameplay and on their GUI.

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Post by tkobo »

Ive played the demo like eight times to give it a good look.

Its pretty, thats for sure.But its just very lacking otherwise to me.I found it to be another rts click fest.

That last part, where you have to direct naval fire, and pretty much all you have time to do is keep an eye on the map and click on the naval gun icon, and than click on the location to be bombarded summed the game up for me.

Look for the next place to click, click on when found- repeat again and again....
I wont even go into the "mass all your units and charge" way the game works .Well other than to mention it :P

I think it will be a hit, with the mainstream rts crowd though.
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Post by Feltan »


Thanks for the link -- I tried out the demo.

I won't be buying the game.

The training module is nice, and as tkobo said it is indeed a visually attractive game. But.....this is really a triumph of form over function. It is a kid's toy. They might as well have made the units pure fantasy instead of basing on real equipment: the performance of units has nothing to do with real life.

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Post by Khorne »

Meh. In getting it as i like shiny explosive clickfest and i really need a break from Hearts of Iron. As for Feltans comments on "realism" They are trying pretty hard if you ask me. I mean your right about some things the speed that those jets fly in is unrealistic when in reality it would take 45 minutes as a minimum to get the objective and destroy it. On the other hand when you look at the way those A-10s swoop down and bring hell crashing down on a colum of tanks thas about as close to realism as you can get in a PC game unless you were flying the plane yourself.
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Post by The Khan »

Usual game beefed with enormous graphics, and an extremely annoying,money grubbing concept(to appeal to white adolescent gamers, oh noes teh ebil soviets!).

If you judge the game calmly and free of extreme graphics, it is just another RTS. Ranges are unrealistic, units are unrealistic.

But still, worth having a go in multi, I heard they have very flexible multi sessions. I might buy it for the multi.

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