Emergency Powers

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Emergency Powers

Post by Khorne »

Ok I just got idea a while ago and i was thinking for democratic nations there should be an option for emergency powers, like being able to postpone elections while your at war.(I have on many occasions been on the verge of winning a game only to loose because of some damn democrats kick me out just before the enemy capital fell :evil: )

To tell you the truth it would be a nice substitute to becoming a dicatator and have your World Market rating drop to ****. But anyway its just a thought, it would be cool to be able to delay elections a year or two during wartime, at the cost of public opinion and dissent so you can have the time to destroy the enemy. I think the Low Pulic opinion and dissent would be a nice penalty for using that option.
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Post by red »

Seems unfair to me. Being a democracy is already pretty easy. Just don't ignore your reminder about the election, and cut taxes for your little plebs until the election.
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Post by nghtmre15 »

We must grant the Chancellor emergency powers!

Meh, I agree with red. Democracies need a little obstacle here and there.
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Post by Feltan »

I always play as a Monarchy.

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Post by Lightbringer »

I think it is fine "as is", although I always wondered where the population drop was when I had to become Dictator. Seriously, if I grab power because some yahoos tried to vote me out? Well lets just say I have a lot of walls, a lot of bullets, and I'm not the sort of pansy to waste money on cigarettes and blindfolds... or leave opposition voters/insurgents embedded in my society. The Goats have always avoided the internal chaos that usually goes hand in hand with such a power grab.

If any change needs to be implemented...it is partisans appearing in your home region when DAR drops too low.
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Post by Noble713 »

Lightbringer wrote: If any change needs to be implemented...it is partisans appearing in your home region when DAR drops too low.
Absolutely! How many governments in the real world spend most of their time and energy battling domestic insurgencies? Quite a few...
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Post by bergsjaeger »

I just wished I had the choice to execute my own people when they start to hate me too much. Kinda do that to other regions when I go to war with them. Just bomb the cities with F/B's to the point I'm about to destroy them. As of right now China doesn't have a billion plus people living in its country. Kinda cruel, but at less I don't have to worry about feeding all those people, and it cuts down on everything else they will need when I finally decide to take over China. Course I learned its a supply headache when I wipe all the cities off the map that a region has.
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