VBL-AT Anti Tank car

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Should the VBL-AT be improved?

Yes, it could use some tweaking
Yes, but other light anti tank car units should also be improved
No, it is good as it is
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Post by Balthagor »

There are 4 versions in the equipment list IIRC, one RC, one AT and two AA (one with guns, one with SAMs).
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Post by Jan »

in real life, that kind of vehicle is not employed alone and i don't know any batalion only using that vehicle (or any AT vehcle).

The VBL what initially designed to be used with Leclerc MBT. They needed light vehicle for logistical support but armored enough to be protected from shrapnels and rifle caliber weapons.

In operations, the VBL Milan is mostly used as a mobile Observation Post thanks to it's excellent night vision device (the "MIRA") fitted on the Milan mount.

In an urban environment it doesn't have a better situational awarnes than an HMMWV or a VAB.

About ingame speed, the problem is that mobility factor over a given terrain is defined for a whole class of vehicle.

The problem is that in real life a given vehicle can have a lower top speed but also a better mobility over a given terrain.

For exemple, the CV90 have a better mobility on snow, mud an swamp than Bradley and Warrior. IFv can also go where an MBT couldn't because of it's weight

Another exemple, with vehicles not in game, is the Unimog that have a better mobility than TRM2000 or even than an HMMWV on rough terrain, snow, etc.

Ideally it may be possible to define the factor that can be defined in the "terfile" could be for each vehicle in the srunits. Mostly at batalion level, such details can win a battle.



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