How to increase suplly effectiveness?

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Bruno Monteiro
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How to increase suplly effectiveness?

#1 Post by Bruno Monteiro » Jul 31 2005

I am having problems... playing as Brazil, in South America I cant move tropps in Amazonia...they just stop and i have to make lots of flights with my helicopters to full my units of supllies and this is getting me bored! suplly effectiveness in there is just 1 or 2 %... what do I have to do to improve this???

other doubt... suply depots are suposed to do what in the game??? just increase stock capabilities? or increase suplly effectiveness too?


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#2 Post by Legend » Jul 31 2005

There are three things to consider when it comes to supply.

1) Supply sources - such as bases or cities act as supply sources that radiat outwards. Terrain around the supply source affect how far supply will travel. Mountains slow down the spread and radius of supply, for example.

2) Supply conduits - roads and rail amplify supply from a supply source. Roads also increase the speed units can move by reducing movement penalties (movement penalties are mentioned again below)

3) Infastructure - after you consider "sources" and "conduits" for supply you need to spend on infastructure. This social expense can reduce the supply in your region. Less spending creates a poor infastructure - bad roads, pot holes etc.

When moving units anywhere as you are doing in Brazil you also need to consider terrain penalties such as movement costs, (there are also benefits to consider when in battle). These movement costs will cause units to move more slowly and use more gasoline/petroleum in the process.

To compare terrain, look in the Terrain Information panel F2.

Bruno Monteiro
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#3 Post by Bruno Monteiro » Jul 31 2005

hum.. i see it...
but... amazon is located in a plain... but it has a dense forest...
if i build lots of roads, rails, imput 100% of investiment in infraestructure, and buil some military bases i ll increase the suplly speed right?

wel... and what about the suply depot? how it works?

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#4 Post by ozmono2005 » Jul 31 2005

it will work

bare in mind that infastructure spending won't kick in instantly and you may have to wait awhile to see the full effect of a completely funded infastructure program

The supply is not represented(as you would know) in figures therefore it is not intended to be exactly figured out how much difference increase will make

Note the colors of the bars which represent supply this will show major difference between the quality

Its a matter of experience(as is most of this game) I personally have tried to figure out things mathematically but there is alot to keep in mind

For example with supply if you were to test how effective it was you must bare in mind the different terrain, the units which are moving across it and there specific attributes such as (amount of supplies, petrol, movement speed, max movement capabilities+also how much stock of mg, petrol you have, how efficient the unit is) etc. Than compare it with different circumstances.\


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#5 Post by BG » Aug 01 2005

What do you think is better for supply.Roads or rail?

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#6 Post by CptBritish » Aug 01 2005

Well we've been told railways increase supply more...

But you don't get the movement increase like you do with roads...
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#7 Post by bergsjaeger » Aug 04 2005

The best way i seen to help supply is to build at least a mid base and build railroads that intersect through that base. U can then build industries or whatever around that base. I had plants with 99% supply and out to 9 hexes away from the base i had supply up to 90%. Course good infastructure helped with this too. I had it up to 120% without any new techs.
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#8 Post by Chaim » Aug 31 2005

Hey dude invade other countries troghout the amazon is quite insane, in south america map, i first took cisplatina (or uruguay for not brazilians), than i allied with argentina (arrrrrgh) and took paraguay, than i took bolivia and captured all north part of south america coming up from the Andes, south america armies are weak so you will only need supply trucks (heavy if you may), light infantry for most fights (large number), amphibious infantry for some cities near rivers, a few airborne for isolated cities, some scuds with anti-ship missiles to sink enemy fleets (and anti-tank/personel missiles for sieges) and finaly a few SAMs.
Tanks are a waste in south america map, use mech anti-tanks in open field battles if the enemy send tanks to fight you.

I simply loved that map, after i took all the north part of south america i prepared a lightining war agains chile and argentina (former allies), well supplied i advanced a full front line with no holes 300 km per day and 2 days stop for ressuply (750km per week)while i set up a horde of S-80 in uruguay to bomboard buenos aires.

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