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Single Player Korean Campaign

In my first Korean campaign, I did at first feel inclined to play as the North Koreans, but I figured the World Market would favor the South in the fight so I took the Southern Side. The north invaded within about four days and for some reason my kill ratio went right up to about 150/20 (kill/loss). Unable to have much time to build up a greater army, I simply divided my army into two fronts, but had them side by side so I wasn't split up. I defended for about two or three days all the while bombarding and bombing them with naval and sea power. When they were finally wavering, I counter-attacked.

The right flank (east) was more sucsessful and to help out the struggling western flank I attacked the enemies easternmost armies on the western side (in other words, just left of center Korea)

I took the coast up to the approach to Pyong'an and my naval units didn't have enough reach to bombard units on the shore so I sent them to the northernmost coastlines of Korea nd wiped out their surprisingly weak navy (about three frigates I believe) and then took Pyong'an within about two or three weeks of the invasion (I wasn't trying to hurry since I knew the next campaign would likely be against China)

After Pyong'an fell (and about 400 million plunder) I went on to finish off North Korean in about a week.

My final kill ratio, I believe, was 500/75 kill/lost

Then I was greatly worried to see my next opponent was China, not just Beijing, but United China and annexed Mongolia.

Luckily, they did not declare on me right off the bad like North Korea did so I took the time to research a lot of things, mostly society things and whatever my cabinet wanted as long as it didn't take above 30 days.

I started running out of treasury so I cut off all the funding and tweaked some other economic factors (also massively decreased social funding like a good republican, which greatly pissed off my population) I managed to gain a positive income of about 500 million per day for about a month, during which time I built a lot of resource buildings and upgraded a few others.

I think my inflation was 3.8%, 6.4% unemployment, 200,000 active military (many of them tanks, air force and about 10% navy)

Oh, and I had a sweet sweet 4 million men in reserves. My military, according to the regional statistic thing, was about 40% that of China, and there were no wars.

I was worried that my economy would waiver and then go into great deficit because it had been heading that way for a while but I have been stalling it for some time. I had no more time to fight my econmy... I had to start the war with China while I was still on my two feet.

I had three four main fronts. The first, composed of my navy, would travel along the Chinese coast near my advancing armies and bombard all land and cities in the way as well as eliminate China's pathetically small navy.

THe other three fronts were SOUTHWEST along the coast NORTHWEST, which would take out a surprisingly undefended Mongolia, and finally another army located NORTHEAST which would finish off China's presence surrounding Korea.

Within about a week I was on the outskirts of Bejing, which, unsurprsingly, was extremely well defended............ For an AI that is.

I sent what planes I could to bomb units CLOSEST to dying because I do not want to waste a day killing one tank when I could kill 10 weak infantry units and 2 damaged tanks. Take out the weakest as soon as possible, which often is about two shots, and then you just surround the big units and they fall easier than surrounded by all their friendly infantry.

Chinese reinforcements approached and surrounded my army that I used to surround Bejing (not unlike Caesar's battle as Alesia). Since my front in the north east and the north west was victorious, I took a large portion of men from those armies as well as calling forth a couple thousand men (or about... 40 units) from the Korean reserves. I wiped out the army surrounding mine and called up more reserves and took Bejing within about 2-3 months of war being declared.

Now my treasury is 900 million a day but my resources are now in great lack so I just ordered the building of about three factories of each resource (and believe me I can afford it)

Currently, unemployment is 9.5%, inflation is 4.6%, active personel are about 500-600,000.... reserves are about 1,500,000....

The Chinese military, I assume, is about double the size of mine but since I am using one huge force and a tiny force to take the outlying cities, I am getting off about 15 shots for every 1 of China's.

Right now the kill/lost ratio is about 1200/300 (I am encountering more tanks).... But recently, my greatest kill/lost ratio was 700/80

Well I got to go to bed because I start my new job tomorrow.

It is too bad that work is necessary, otherwise we would be home all day attempting to take over the world.

Now I truly understand the Civil War General (Lee was it?) "It is a great fortune that war is so terrible or men should grow too fond of it"
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Nice, I've just finished uniting the Korean Peninsuela(SP?) myself, I played as NK tho, and I managed to conquer all of SK in just a few weeks.
This is such a great game.
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