semi-illegal experiment suggestion

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semi-illegal experiment suggestion

Post by Kristijonas »

Could someone download an old version of SRU (Should be readily available in the Carribeans) and note the FPS, seconds per day, map scroll speed and zoom speed and then repeat the same on the very latest version of SRU with the same conditions?

I am curious about what speed improvements the game had seen throughout the development since the release.
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Re: semi-illegal experiment suggestion

Post by sparky282 »

Not sure how old the Windows XP compatible build on steam is might even be the same update possibly worth a look

I've seen huge improvements in speed but then I've gone from a i5 750 to a 2700x so that might have something to do with it :lol:
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Re: semi-illegal experiment suggestion

Post by Nerei »

From what I understand the last patch that supported Win XP was 9.0.34 which is from mid March 2015. I would assume the XP compatibility version is 9.0.34 meaning a bit over 5 years.
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