I finally figured out the stuck units

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I finally figured out the stuck units

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Moscow is at war with western Siberia.

This is just an example of WHY units getting stuck but this happens not only in Siberia but also Gobi Desert, Sahara, Himalaya, etc

principally this game engine is event driven. So if I lose territory, it triggers my units to respond.

But where there is no supply..... go figure the boundary keeps switching between mine and enemy territory.

Since no supplies, nothing can advance. But every time the boundary is switched, an event triggers some units to respond.

Eventually out of 2000 units Moscow has, 1900 are stuck in Siberia..

Instead of advancing to the main capital and conquer it, all Moscovi units are triggered to move to "no supplies" territory.

This also happens as said in Sahara, Gobi, etc.

This is one of the final MAJOR BUGS in the game the MAIN REASON why the game engine getting slower than slow eventually, because all these units getting stuck.

The idea would be, if the trigger is by a territory where an "area" of let's say 10x10 hexes and their average is below 10% supply level..


Only defend regions and send units to regions where the average of a 10x10 hex has a higher than 10% supply level so these units don't get stuck.

Not to mention, why would any serious commander send 90% of their armies into territories without industries, people, infrastructure, etc.

They would send maybe some special ops for special missions.. but not large armies into wasteland.
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