Feauture Request - New Concept in Gaming Industry - SPA - Strategic Purpose Alliance

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Feauture Request - New Concept in Gaming Industry - SPA - Strategic Purpose Alliance

Post by mrgenie »

New concept to deal with a human or AI getting to big.

As it stands, the newly modified /edited scenario I'm working on to get much stronger enemies
as well as a better long term economy (at least from 1912 - 1930 we're running perfect with my new economical model modifiers)

we're now playing multiplayer to test the game the computers keep up with the human players in my new scenario

BUT, the human, we, have long term strategic thinking to expand and get bigger.

So for example Germany conquered Benelux, France, Denmark and it results in England, Scottland, Milan and others to declare
war against Germany.

But Germany already so big and THEY don't declare all at once instead they declare war one after the other..

All 3 together would have MASSIVE land units I doubt with Germany could hold them off, but one at a time.. easy peasy!

To handle this, those countries that would be ready to go to war against Germany instead of the game engine forcing them one
after the other to declare war, they rather NOT declare war but form a "strategic purpose alliance" which is different
from any other alliance as this would be triggered ONLY by the strategic purpose to mutual defend against a specific targeted nation: Germany in this case.

So they wouldn't interfere with other aspects of the game. Nor would they declare war against Germany as that would be a massacre

Instead thus they form an alliance that specifically binds them to unite forces should Germany attack either one of them.

Then you can also have of course Madrid, Poland, etc join the club...

That way you really contain any nation growing TOO BIG

Because that's really the flaw in EVERY game on the market. At some point, you get too big to lose..

But not if you introduce the "SPA" concept in the game engine..

At some point, you are contained! SHOULD they attack you, the SPA can only RELEASE nations..

it can defeat you, but all conquered nations would be released as well as your own nation.

So the game wouldn't end. You just expanded strategically BAD and need to make another attempt..

basically this describes expanding TOO FAST...

Like WWI or WWII

but if you expand SLOW, like the USA or Russia over the decades/centuries, you can avoid this.

basically if the land you conquered and NOT your loyalty you get this trigger the SPA

But over time you switch loyalty. As with Russia and USA.. people switch loyalty over decades

then your SPA threshold lowers of course.

now to change loyalty, is also in the game integrated actually. You can use the "cultural subsidy" for this.

if above a certain threshold, i.e. 150% you can convert non loyal regions in your empire to become yours (over time)

this will reduce the SPA and eventually that might break apart ..

that way you can prevent anyone growing too big, too fast..

basically it forces the player, both AI and human, to play very delicate and careful strategical not to trigger the SPA

it would basically take 100 years or so to conquer Europe without triggering the SPA

Generations are needed to change loyalties for large areas.

It would prevent the game "being over" already after 10 years when you conquered 20+ countries already because you never get to this
point as half the world will attack you if you do.
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